A Little of This and A Little of That

  • Monday came waaaaaaaaay too soon. I need another day off.  I think I’ll be calling in sick one day this next week.  **achoo!**  Doesn’t that just sound like a nasty summer cold is brewing?
  • I went out dancing about three weeks ago with two girlfriends and we had a ball!  I love, love, love to dance and I hadn’t been out in about 2 years. Won’t be letting that happen again. I’m going out this Friday to celebrate a girlfriends birthday, so more dancing to come.  YES!

  • I’ve got 3 pics as part of a new post, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out what the heck to write. The  photos crack me up, but maybe I’m just crazy.  I don’t want to post just the photos, because I think that there is definitely an opportunity for discussion and shared laughter.  I’ll get on that tomorrow next week.
  • Finally!! On August 26, I’ll be able to tell you guys about a fantastic experience that I had back in June.  I’m excited just thinking about it.  I think that Travel Diva and A Hidden Gem will probably be posting about it too.  *LOL*  Who says folks can’t get a secret? We’ve been holding this in for two whole months!!!  Here’s a hint:

  • Football season is here!!! YAY BABY!!  I can’t wait!  I’m not as hardcore into it as I used to be, but I’ve still got love for the game.   Basketball is cool, but the season is just too damn long!  I’m surprising my dad with two tickets to see the Redskins vs. the Giants.  Hopefully, he’ll take me!  **insert wicked only child laughter**
  • I wish I had the time (and focus) to take part in the 30 Day Blog Challenge, but alas, I don’t.  I am however, enjoying reading the entries from those are participating.  Maybe I’ll do an abbreviated version and commit to blogging every other day.  Wait, why am I even writing down that lie? *lmao*  I try to blog every 3-5 days and that’s a struggle.
  • One of my mindless, guilty television pleasures in Big Brother.  This season, I’m pretty disappointed though.  Are any of ya’ll watching?  I think that Brendan and Rachel are the worst showmance ever!!  If that chick said, “coming/targeting me and my man…..” one mo’gin, I was gonna go find that damn house and pull her weave out, strand by strand.  So, if I hate it so much, why am I still watching?  **smh**  One of life’s many mysteries!
  • Have ya’ll ever check out Black and Married with Kids?  Very interesting site.  While I don’t agree with most many of the contributing authors, I do respect and appreciate the variety of opinions that are expressed.   It’s especially eye-opening to read the perspective of the husbands/fathers that write for the site.

What’s up in ya’lls neck of the woods?


41 thoughts on “A Little of This and A Little of That

  1. OMG..I’m a BB stan…been watching since the beginning, and only missed one season.

    You’re right, this season is the worst. And, now that Rachel is gone, it really sucks. Yes, I’m a Brachel fan…don’t care what the haters have to say. Yes, Rachel is annoying, but she was the best game player this season. I literally don’t like any of the rest of them…except Braden, of course.

    I really want Braden to get his head in the game now for himself and stop dwelling on Rachel…She’s gone…see her after you win, dude.

    • Ah! I knew that there were Brachel fans out there somewhere!! **lol** I like Brendan (in general), but he was so wimpy, sappy and soft when it came to her.
      Every episode I’d yell at the tv, Seriously? Man up, dude! Hmm, a little birdie told me that she might be coming back. I read this for spoilers, so don’t read if you don’t like spoilers – http://www.jokersupdates.com

  2. Just post the pics and we will write the story for you. Who said you were in this blogging thing alone?

    I have been waiting for you to spill the beans on Top Chef. I almost asked you about it. Are we gonna see you on tv?

    I am excited about football season too. I’m not a huge fan but it is one of the only sports that I can stand to watch on tv. And over the past few years, I have gained a better understanding of the game.

    And, I don’t do Big Brother so maybe you can explain to me why the chick in the video is dressed like Richard Simmons.

    • Thanks lady! I’m sure ya’ll would have some witty things to say too.
      Bwhahahahaha! That ensemble was her punishment for not doing well in a competition.

  3. Taya Mae: If I find out that you did not go into work this week, I will be posting your aintshytness to the world…or DCSG, which ever I can get to first.

    Also, are you participating in Restaurant Week? Since you are going out with your girls on Friday you should probably go eat first!

    • How did you know that a majority of my family calls me that??? Nah, I’m in the office. I’m not sick just yet. *lol*
      Ah, I forgot that DC restaurant week was this week. We’ll be going out closer to Baltimore, so I’ll have to catch it next time.
      Are you getting out to a few restaurants? Enjoy!

  4. I watch BB all the time. Rachel is a certified lunatic. That’s the only way to describe her. But, she was a good player and she was down for Brendan.

    • Thank you!! Certifiable!! My thing is this – there can only ever be one winner. People always seem to freak out and get mad when alliances form and they are broken. It’s a game! That’s what’s supposed to happen! People get targeted based on “friendships”, perceived similarities/differences, etc.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I’m all for I-cations, personal days and mental health days. So needed!

    Well get yo dance on then!! Sounds so fun!

    I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know whatever pics you have and the proceeding commentary is going to be hilarious!

    I am completely intrigued and can’t wait for the Top Chef announcement!!

    Girl ain’t nothing going on here in the Bay just trying to keep from freezing to death!!!!

  6. did you see that pre-season skins game? whoo hoooo i am ready for some football…
    ok now i must go read this black and married with kids site

    • Gurl! Nice win! Folks are already talking about playoffs and the Super Bowl. *lmao* I’m not that sold yet, but at least we have a good season to look forward too! The ‘Skins have been soooooooooo disappointing for the last few years. You going to any games?

  7. Top Chef!! Cha-ching!!! Can’t wait to

    I usually don’t watch BB as it tends to get boring to me BUT a lot of the bloggers I read are so into it (plus I see so many post on FB about it) that I’ll tune in to catch an episode about once/week. I did see Rachel get voted off. That was hilarious! That ‘me and my man’ shit was as fake as their showmance. LOL

    • That phrase turns my stomach every time she says it and I just want to pummel her!!
      The premise of the show, isolate a random group of strangers from the rest of the world and see what kinds of bonds form and then break, is cool.
      It’s easy to get sucked into the “nothingness” of the show and the utter silliness of most of the players.

  8. Hey Trip….so glad we are FINALLY near the Top Chef moment 🙂 LURVE BB!! You know my girlfriend Jameka was on a couple of season’s back. I’m with you….so glad Rachel is outta there – I hope Brendan is next (Diamond Veto anyone??). This season is leaving a lot to be desired….bleh.

    Stay tuned for the Triplet wine & cheese event….lmao!!!

    • I remember Jameka!! She was one of the sanest players ever! *lol* I can’t remember how far she made it. She reminded me of Cynthia, from the Boston Real World. Can’t wait for the word/date – I’m there, minus my shadow!

  9. Hey Thanks for stopping by! I love Top Chef and am so mad that “top dog” Kenny had to pack up his knives…booooo!

    And I have checked out BMWK site and I enjoy most articles like you, it’s always good to find us talking about things that are important to “us” – nah mean? LOL

    • Girl, I applaud all of ya’ll for even trying that 30 days challenge. I think some of the topics are cute and they get the memories flowing, so I may adopt a modified version in a few months.

  10. I’m with you on the whole Monday just rolls around waaaaaaaaay too quickly thought.
    Try to stretch it as we may, there’s just NOT enough time in the weekend…Nope.

    “Fantastic experience” followed by a Top Chef pic. Hmmmmm. Okay…I’m tired of guessing…SPILL IT! 🙂

    Boooooooo @ football season. Hell boo at sports in general. Yep…I said it.

    • I’ll spill next week, I promise! I don’t want “the people” to get me. I signed stuff to keep my mouth shut. *lol*
      **fainted** Did you really just say Booooooooo @ football?? That was like an arrow to my heart.

  11. i love BB and I don’t know anyone else who even watches it personally so I don’t have anyone to discuss it with lol. I liked Rachelle but she was a tad annoying. Maybe she didn’t notice but no one wanted anything to do with Brendon except her. That part was annoying. I don’t like Britteny. She’s a mean girl and I really dislike chicks like her. The real fake type. Just UGH!

    • Let’s discuss away! Yes, Brittany annoys the crap outta me too, as did Monet. Doesn’t it really seem like the show has changed? There is no diversity anymore. I don’t mean just racially, but in age, personality type, etc. Seems like now, the producers goal is to pick 20 somethings that look good in bikini’s and speedo’s. Think of some of the early characters like Bunky, Marcellus, Remy, Danielle, Evil Dick, etc? None would have made the cut for the last three seasons – all too old, too fat, too non-cheerleader. Plus, the saboteur thing SUCKS. The “twists” are getting worse as well.
      Thanks for stopping by!! Come back real soon!

    • Dancing IS fun! I really can’t believe that I let so much time go by. I’m committed to doing it more often now that I remember how much fun it is!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  12. I use to watch Top Chef, crazy ass dog chewed the cable to my room again. Please don’t mention the Giants, did you see Eli Manning get his forehead ripped off…ugh. That hit was C R A Z Y. I thought about him through the entire game and he was out by the second quarter. Well congratulations on the Win. But I’m a die hard SAINTS fan!

    I like to go dancing…but like fun dancing with friends..not grinding on my cakes with your knot dancing. I wish I could master a cute lil R.Kelly two step.

    Hope you get that summer cold under control. Hmmm never came across that other site. But I may pass through.



    • See, that’s why I don’t like pets! *lol* That hit on EM was KILLER! I’m surprised he wasn’t knocked the hell out. I love the Giants and the Skins, but I can respect the Who Dat Nation! =)

      BWAHAHAHA @ grinding on my cakes with your knot dancing!!!

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