Dumpster Dive Much?

I am a self admitted germaphobe.  Yup, sure am.  I realize that there are those that are at the complete opposite end of the spectrum.  I work with MANY of those people.  My angst is increased because I work with tons of foreign scientists who aren’t particularly familiar with, nor interested in, learning certain standard hygiene practices here in the USA. Therefore, the public ladies room on my floor is a cesspool of vile and disgusting things.  I’ll spare you some of the stomach turning things I’ve witnessed, and instead share a funny one.   I’d observed this “situation” for about a week, but finally yesterday, I just had to take pictures.  The photos below were taken with my blackberry, so please forgive the quality of the images.

Table inside the ladies room

A random shirt that’s been living in the bathroom for over a week

Note attached to the random shirt

***sigh***  Really???  Ok, so at first I was confused as to whether or not the shirt was being given away or if it had been left by accident.   I’m not sure how you go into the bathroom and accidentally leave with less clothes than you entered with, but I digress.   Since there is a large language barrier, I wasn’t sure whether the note was written by the owner of the shirt and they simply didn’t quote grasp the proper English words that they wanted to use.  Or, if the note was written by someone who was interested in adding the shirt to their personal wardrobe.

Well dear readers, wonder no more.  As of today, the shirt is gone and this note was left in its place:

Wow.  Amanda took the “lovely” shirt.  Really?  A shirt from a total stranger, that’s been in the public restroom for at least a week, soaking up all kind of lovely dirt and germs?  Really?   And if you really did want it, did you have to leave a “thank you” note?  I suppose Emily Post would be proud, but I think Dr. Oz would be disgusted!

Which makes me wonder – would you ever take an item of clothing that had been left in a public place?

**authors note – after much deliberation, I donned rubber gloves and took my blackberry into the restroom for the sake of my dear readers.  After the evidentiary shots above, the blackberry in question was immediately removed from the restroom and rubbed vigorously with Ly.sol disinfecting wipes**


25 thoughts on “Dumpster Dive Much?

  1. OMG!!! You are my germaphobe twin! LOL! I feel the EXACT same way about the public restrooms. I use to work in a computer science department and OMG!!!!. And that would be a HELL NO on the free shirt soaking up the germs. I LOL @ Amanda. Really she wanted that shirt????? and a thank you note? Too funny.

  2. ROTFL!! It wasn’t in the toilet! Or on the floor even?? It was neatly folded on the table. I agree. Incredibly bizarre to leave it there AND to take it but the soaking up germs in the BR???? Dead. Lolololol. I wash my hands slightly more than average but I am clearly nowhere near you & GP! I find it amazing! Do tell more so I may continue my laughter! 🙂

  3. Do people normally leave their give-a-way items in the restroom? Our designated spot is on one of the tables in the breakroom\kitchen area. I’m not bothered so much by people giving things away so much as what some people give away. One person put one of their old and quite obviously well used (and faded) company shirts on the table. Really?!? LOL

    • Nope, there’s an area near the elevator where people tend to leave freebie. Ha ha at the well used shirt.
      I refused to get close enough to this shirt to see if it was gently used or not.

  4. As an avid thrift store and consignemnt shopper, I will admit that, yes, I would have taken the shirt. The shirt “soaking up germs” is hilarious!! Never thought of it like that. But you can wash anything. Now granted, I probably wouldn’t have taken some bottoms. But if the shirt was cute enough, I would have snagged it. But you know I am a totally anti-germaphobe so it wouldn’t bother me too much.

  5. That is totally funny! I wouldn’t want the potty shirt, but maybe Amanda really needed it. Maybe someone needed it and just put Amanda’s name to throw off the scent. I’m a little less than a germaphobe, but I can so totally understand.

    • You know what? I never thought of that. Someone could be using Amanda’s name as a red herring! *lol* She’s a kinda stylish girl, so I was a little surprised to see her name on the note, but I just shrugged it off. Hmmmm…….heading off to analyze the handwriting further!

    • Yeah, reminds me of the Cosby episode where Vanessa and Dabney got secretly engaged. Cliff used the analogy of your favorite meal served on a trash can lid. Presentation is everything.

  6. We could share a room if we ever attended a blogging convention together. I hate germs…total freak about it. Bathrooms are the worst place to leave anything. I sometimes wonder about even walking into public bathrooms with my shoes on…what kind of germs will be on the bottom of them. I’m getting sick just typing this. Must. Stop. Now.

    Hugs and Mocha,

    • OMG! We must be related!! The shoe in the bathroom thing freaks me out too. I have a rubber mat right inside the front and back doors at my house. When you enter, shoes come off and are sprayed with Lys.ol.

  7. LOL @ Amanda she is a true G!!!! not only did she take the Germ-Tee she left a nice thank you note, how sweet of her lol

    as far as public restrooms, especially womens bathrooms they are tALWAYS disgusting!!!! period, pads, piss….I just dont understand it. it makes me want to vomit! we have had period and poop gate at our job in the last year. seemed like someone was creating art in the stall by splashing her tampon around the stall….honesdtly? the youngest women in my office is 24 so wtf, oh and lets not forget poopagte 09 when someone left a turd, yes a turd on the floor, one may ask how you do that since you have to have STEPPED OVER THE TURD when you left mean you really dont know how to take a shit or give one….nasty bastards!

    I.m sorry its just really makes me mad lol

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