A Little of This and a Little of That

  • I love, “The Good Wife“!   I’ve been home recuperating from a little surgery, so I’ve had time to clean my DVR.  I had all 23 episodes of that little gem of a show.  A month or so ago, I considered deleting it and I’m soooooooooo happy I didn’t.   Julianna Margulies is very good in the lead role and most of the characters are pretty compelling.  My favorite character? Archie Panjabi as the bad ass, super cute, stealthy detective Kalinda Sharma.  Kalinda is the character that always has or is able to obtain the inside info. She often leans outside the boundaries of the law to G.E.T.  I.T.  D.O.N.E! I’m excited about season two!
  • Hubby bought me a Kindle for my birthday last week and I cant wait for the cast on my left wrist to come off so I can really play around with it.  I’d been thinking about getting an e-reader for a while now, but ya girl is kinda cheap when it comes to spending $$ on treats for myself.  He knew I’d never actually buy it for myself, so it was a wonderful surprise.  I’ve already dropped it twice, so I’ll be online ASAP buying a case/cover for that bad boy.

  • Spicy food is like heaven to me.  My neighbor brought over some wings that had been marinated in Habanero pepper sauce and then coated with a homemade mixture of Trinidadian spices.  Whew!!!  They were the hottest thing that I’ve ever tasted and I could eat them every day!!  Yum!
  • The folks that appear on “The Peoples Court” bring me such joy and comedy!!  Seriously, the kinds of cases that these nut jobs present are truly laughable!  Laughable as in gut busting, side splitting and headache inducing!  If you’ve never watched it, please, please give it a watch.  Common sense really ain’t that common, ya know?
  • I never realized just how much I used my left hand/wrist  Geez!  Nor did I realize how freaking heavy a hard plaster cast would be.  I hope to never be casted again.

  • I have 193 blogs in my gooogle reader.  **smh**  I try to keep up with everyone, but it’s hard sometimes.  I’ll admit to hitting “mark all as read” from time to time and hoping that I don’t miss anything significant.  Do ya’ll use google reader?  If not, how do you keep track of the blogs that you read regularly?  How many are you reading?  How do you find the time????
  • I love my blackberry! I can’t believe it took me so long to get a smartphone.  Not very smart MrsTDJ!

26 thoughts on “A Little of This and a Little of That

  1. ‘The Good Wife’ is a very good show. I didn’t catch all the episodes though. I agree about Kalinda. She’s a good side kick.

    I’m cheap about big $$ purchases too!! LOL Now if you’re talking clothes/shoe shopping? I’ll drop money on it in a NY minute. The crazy thing is, the amount that I have spent on clothes/shoes could have been put towards the bigger purchases. *womp womp*

    I like a little spice but not too much. I like to taste my food and I can’t if my mouth is on fire.

    Judge Marilyn Milan goes HARD! I pity the fools. I still can’t believe you don’t like Maury. Paternity test day tickles me like no other.

    How much longer do you have with the cast? I was thinking that it’s really messed up that you have to have it on during this hot azz summer weather but it may be better that way. Colder months would present a bigger challenge I think.

    I don’t use Google reader. I primarily read what’s listed in my blog roll (that I need to update but am to lazy to do) and some others that I have bookmarked.

    You got a crackberry?! I bet you’re looking/playing on it as I type this comment. LOL

    • Maury used to make me laugh, but I just got so tired of the paternity shows, EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. Some of those women were just too foolish to even to laugh at.

      Judge Milian is the BEST! She’s more sensible than the rest and she still sees through the bullshit.

  2. Lurve me The Good Wife!

    I love spicy food too, but I don’t know about that spicy.

    LURVE. LURVE. LURVE The Peoples Court. Been thinking about TiVOing it cause it brings me much joy too.

    I use google reader and I get freaked out when I see all those unread. Sometimes I just have to click mark all as read. I just can’t get to them all, let alone comment – and I hate the guilt feeling.

    I’m an iCrackhead and just turned my husband into one two – I converted him from his Crackberry.

    Get better soon.

    P.S. Have you been watching Top Chef. Last night was interesting.

    • Damn woman, thanks for the idea. I’m going to start recording the Peoples Court today! *lol*
      Exactly! Just mark em as read and try again another day.
      *smh* I think of you every time someone I know changes to an iphone.
      Top Chef? Yes ma’am! I’m gonna email you.

  3. 193??? Are you serious??? Nah dog. I had 2 blogs that were filling up my reader with 10-15 posts M-F so I let em go. I wasn’t about to be stressed out over the numbers piling up and I dedicate a bit of my day to reader every day. (Too much, probably.) I’m looking for more blogs to add right now but 193 would drive me up a wall. I would say cut out some of those ones you don’t like that much or post too much and you could feel less overwhelmed if you just checked the website every once in a while. Feel better!

    • See, of the 193, I like em all. *lol* Most post about once a week. Thank goodness that I can waste about 2 hrs of my workday on blogs. If I couldn’t, I wouldn’t be able to keep up. I definitely don’t have the time based on my commute and 18 month old son.

  4. I am going to check out The Good Wife. I keep hearing Good things about it.

    Ha! You sound like me. I would have never bought myself an ipod touch even though I wanted one but the hubs bought it for me. And, like you, I drop it all the time and I would feel terrible if I broke it because he went out of his way to get it for me.

    Me luuvvvs hot wings! I don’t know if I can handle some THAT hot but I do like spice.

    People’s Court is my favorite court show because I really do lke the judge. She seems legit and she is not as animated as others.

    Note: You never know how much you need anything until you can’t use it. Get better soon!

    Yowzers! 193 is a whole heap of a lot. I have about 60 though and I could handle a few more. But I think I would have to start deleting before I got to almost 200. And I love Google Reader. I don’t think I would be able to do it without that thing.

    • You must get into the Good Wife. Excellent show! I think it’s on hulu.com
      Exactly! Thank goodness the hubsters understand our quirks. *lol*
      60? Sounds like heaven!

  5. I so want an ereader but LOVE turning pages on the books I read. The feel and touch of a good book is great. Do you have any eye strain with your reader?

    I don’t have google reader, must check it out. I keep up with the bogs I like by following them in my reader list.

    I’m honored that you comment since you have so many blogs to follow 🙂

    • The writer and reader in me loves traditional books too, but there’s something about the ereader that appeals to my nerdy side. So far, no issues re eye strain, but I’ll let you know as I use it more.
      I couldn’t function in blogland without google reader.
      =) No problem! I always try to comment when the content is interesting and I have the time.

    • Guuuurl, those wings were the BUSINESS!!! I’m still thinking about them!
      Street Justice? I don’t think I know that show. My least favorite court show is Judge Alex.

  6. 1. I love the Good Wife!! It is so good. I watched during the season but after its air date in OnDemand. Great show.
    2.Ooo you got a Kindle I ‘ve heard such good things. So sorry about your wrist. ouch!
    I tend to buy pricey stuff if I like it. I try to hold back and give theCaptain a chance sometimes.
    3.Loves the spicy too! especially wings Yum Yum!!
    4.I watch when I visit my aunt. It is funny!
    5.I keep up with whats on my blog roll and I have a few saved in my favs too. 193 I can’t LOL!
    6.I’m still learning mine. Not quite a crackberry head yet!

  7. Glad you are recovering well, Trip! Yay @ catching up on The Good Wife….LURVE Kalinda – isn’t she a great character?

    We’ll definitely have to keep each other up-to-date re: Kindle downloads. I found a cover for cheap here: http://www.buy.com/prod/amazon-kindle-2-leather-jacket-pouch-case-cover-black/q/loc/111/213409211.html

    I use Google Reader for my PC and iPod Touch, but I use Viigo on my BB – check it out: http://www.viigo.com/home

    By the way, guess what? Wait for it……..you can also access Google Reader on your Kindle!! Hit me up and I can walk you through if you want.

    • Man, Kalinda is THAT CHICK!! I simply love her complexity and badassness!!
      Trip, you just keep me loving you! I just bought the cover you linked. MUAH!!
      Be still my heart – Viigo on the BB and Google Reader on the Kindle? When I get full use of my left hand, you’ll have to walk me through that.

  8. Welcome to the land of the Crackberry. Make sure you look at Crackberry.com and Pinstack.com to keep up with all things BlackBerry.

    You can get free themes and wallpapers at pimpmyberry.com

    I love spicy food too. Fiance not so much.

    I heard the Good Wife is the business..I’m going to try to catch the re-runs this summer.

    I settled on a cake lady. I’ll email you offline with the deets.

    • Oh my! I’m salivating over the idea of making my crackberry prettier!! Heading to crackberry.com right now!
      Please, please check out the Good Wife. Season two is supposed to start with a bang.

  9. you know i don’t use google reader at all…
    you will be addicted to your crackberry for sure but eventually you will learn to put it down…for your own sanity to disconnect….

    i am sorry to hear that you had surgery and hope you feel better soon…any type of surgery and recovery is a lot so rest and take your time 🙂

  10. I love The Good Wife. It’s such a great show. I had to start recording it because I started watching Parenthood that came on the second half of the year. Another great show.

    I’m still not sold on the Kindle etc yet. I still love to carry my books and turn the pages. I hate reading anything longer than one page on a computer. Maybe one day….

    I love everything spicy from wings to lasagna! The first things my friends ask if I made something is “Is it hot?” LOL! “Yep!”

    If I home I’ll watch Maury. It’s so funny and tragic and the same time!

    I know far too well about cast. I’ve had so many cast. I broke my left hand and wrist so I know abou the plaster. SUX!

    I think I may be on the only people that still doesn’t love my Berry. It’s ok but I liked on my old phone if I hit “Thai” it would give you a list of Thai restaurant within a 10 mile radius. If I didn’t hate At&T so much I would have an Iphone.

    • I had 4 episodes of Parenthood on the DVR and sadly, when the DVR reached 90% full, I had to make some tough decisions. *smh* Parenthood didn’t make the cut. Darn! Now ya’ll tell me it’s good. **heading over to hulu to check it out**
      High five @ spicy lasagna!!

  11. Spicy foods are the bomb and I love ’em til the day I take my final breath. Hopefully my stomach will be full from having just eaten.

    The thing w/ writing and reading blogs I believe the joy in learning or laughter or any combination is the fact that it’s not fixed or forced for those who blog when they are able.

    I have never Google reader or Bloglines or anything. I simply go with the flow.

  12. I want a Kindle so bad. Plus, I’m tired of waiting to recieve my college textbooks, making a 15 minute trip to the nearest Barnes and Noble, and having late fees on my library card.

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