Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

I’m an only child with a strong will and strong opinions.  And, the older I get, the more I realize that I’m very much like my mother.  She dances to her own drum beat and loves the life she leads. Lately it seems, my opinions are way, way south of the opinions of most people around me.  I’m cool with that.  I’ve never been afraid to have an opinion, take a position or participate in a debate.   Folks have never learned or have forgotten the art of debate.  And, as most bloggers have discussed before, lots of the folks in blogland don’t want to hear opinions that run contrary to their own.   Most people love hearing the amen choir agree with them, no matter the topic. If I have time and the topic interests me, I leave comments, whether they are in agreement or dissention from the blogger or majority of commenters.   Don’t like ’em? Get over it.  Those be the breaks folks.  I’ve even been defriended on facebook because I disagreed with some folks.  Hold up.  Defriended for disagreeing?? Yep, for real.  **lmao**  Not sure exactly which issue caused the breakups, but over the last few months, I’ve been in the minority regarding:

  • I don’t think Alicia Keys is a ho. Nope, sure don’t.  Do I think she made a bad choice and get involved with a married man? Yep. Do I think Swizzy committed adultery? Yep. Do I wish them the best? Yep, sure do. I hope that it all works out for them and for the baby they are bringing into the world.  I don’t think that a mistake negates anyone’s right to future happiness. Cool  your hells, I’m not talking about a “mistake” like pedo.philia or murder.   Sometimes shit happens.  I’m not excusing it or saying it’s right, but it happens.   Those involved have to deal with the consequences of their actions.  If he cheated on his first wife, perhaps the same fate awaits Alicia, but that’s her future problem, not mine.
  • I’m not a LeBron fan.  He has always reminded me of a selfish, cry baby that wants to go home in the middle of someone else’s birthday party because they’re not getting enough attention.  You know the kid I mean?  Suck it up, everybody gets one birthday!  Yep, a whiny ass baby.  I could care less whether he stays in Cleveland, goes to Chicago, or heads to the freaking moon.  (Sorry Don!)

  • I am completely opposed to Albert Haynesworth paying the medical expenses for the stripper that he allegedly knocked up during Super Bowl weekend.  COMPLETELY OPPOSED!  Yes, it takes two to have a baby; can’t argue with that.  But, no matter what a man may tell you regarding a potential pregnancy, it’s a WOMAN’S choice to carry a child to term.  And this chick decided to do just that.  Now, all of sudden, she’s broke and enrolled on Medi.caid.  And, because he “promised me he’d be there”, she’s suing him to pay her medical expenses??  WTF??  First of all, how do we even know if he’s the father??  Just because folks saw ya’ll hanging out in Miami, doesn’t mean he’s the father of your child.   Any woman, on any given day, can accuse any man (likely a rich one, huh?) of impregnating her.   Hey, I was hanging out back in January and bumped into Rahm Emanuel, no, Kermit the Frog, better yet Idris Elba.  I’m pregnant and I want to sue for my medical expenses. GTFOOHWTBS! When the baby is born, do the paternity test.  If he’s the daddy, then he needs to pay.  It should be as simple as that.
  • I hate the movie Claudine, but truly LOVE the soundtrack.  “To Be Invisible” and “The Makings of You” are absolute classics!!!  So much great music wasted on such a bad film.  *smh* 
  • Dare I go back a bit further and tell you how many folks got their feelings hurt, their backs stiff and their faces tight when I was open about being a Hillary supporter?  *lol*  Whew goodness, I felt like I needed a bulletproof vest for a few months. I’m a Dem, so when Barack got the nod, I was on board, but nah, Hillary was my first choice.  Whew lawd, some of the things that people said to me???  Amazing!  But, that’s a post for another day!!

Speak on it ya’ll.   Feel free to share your thoughts on the topics above (or not *lol*).  When has your opinion been contrary to the masses?  Did you share  your opinion or keep it to yourself?  Do you know how to engage in a debate?


16 thoughts on “Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

  1. I cosign on every one of your points ‘cept bout Hilary, but girlfriend, I’m of the mindset that you do you, and I’ll do me.

    I love to talk about stuff like this right up until the other person runs out of ish to say except a character attack. Then it’s time for my tazer.

  2. Tell it like it is! Isn’t it great to say what you feel and not care what other’s think. Everybody needs be able to give their opinion without being bashed. Although I do think Alicia had been placed in the “nasty hoochie” category for messing with a married man. LOL

  3. When people seem like they can’t take a contrary opinion I don’t even bother… and then I ordinarily limit my time around them. I definitely see Kobe as the crybaby. I like Lebron because he’s funny. I could care less about how he plays unless it impacts the Bobcats. Politics are so personal I’m really not ever gonna entertain a rude conversation about them. But I’ve been Barack from the day in Illinois when he announced. I was SO excited!!! Re: le baby mama drama? For real? He better say, the first procedure I’ll pay for is the amnio to get that DNA and that’ll be the last when we learn you’s a liar! If not, I guess you get to join the payroll. Welcome aboard. Alicia? I’m def. on the homewrecker train. I’m not saying I don’t wish them happiness because I honestly wish I didn’t know all of their business but I’m not over it yet.

  4. i agree…i actually got into a debate about one of your other blogs becausei agreed with your approach and the other person didn’t saying that they would have made it known…HOW?!
    I think we (all of us) sometimes just want to hear our own voice and make things seem more than what they are by agreeing with or saying what people WANT us to say…i say keep doing you! I too don’t think or hope the worse for keys and beats…i definitely (being that i have 5 brothers and KNOW how woman can be at times) do NOT agree with him fronting the bills for a child that may NOT be his like my momma always said there are TOO many ways NOT to get pregnant so if you do its YOUR (a woman’s choice) and i agree…definitely feel you…and if you were for Clinton good for you…like you said we can respectfully disagree 🙂

    • I agree – alot of folks do just want to hear folks agree with them. Wow, you’re the only girl amongst five brothers? I know you’ve got some stories!

  5. This is how I KNOW that we were separated at birth!! I agree with all of the above except Hil.. love her but I’m a sucka for an intelligent brown brotha with black lips 😉

    I have always been incongruent with popular opinion. Like you, I get it from my momma!

  6. Alicia Keys irritates me. Pregnant, not pregnant, I just don’t “like” her. I’m hoping this baby means early retirement. Is she a ho? I don’t know, and don’t care.

    LeBron – who is this person of whom you speak? Honestly, I’m not a fan of most professional players – I used to have favorite players, but that was a lifetime ago when players really seemed to love the game and play with heart. Yeah, they got paid good money, but it wasn’t all about the money. I root for teams (Go Lakers – LOL!) not for any one individual. I don’t care what LeBron does or who he ends up playing for.

    He needs to pay her medical bills. I sure as heck don’t want to – and if she’s on Medicaid – I am.

    I also…don’t care about the Twilight movies, think folks should leave Chris Brown alone, think everyone is judgmental to a degree, don’t like barbeque, and don’t give a darn about labels, brands, or status stuff.

    I march to the beat of my own drum, always have, always will. And generally have no issue when others choose to do the same.

    Great post!

    • Ha ha @ early retirement! I can see a long hiatus, but I don’t think you’ll be quite so lucky as to get an early retirement.
      See, I just can’t get with him paying her bills. There’s no proof that he’s even the father. What about that little fact??
      Yep, everyone is judgmental to a point. I think it’s impossible not to be.
      March on sis! I’m marching too!

  7. I’ve seen a few blog tiffs because people disagreed with the writer’s opinion. I think it’s foolish….who wants to constantly preach to the choir…give me some different perspectives, even if I do walk away thinking you’re crazy, lol.

    I’m with you on the Alicia thing, but I was shocked to find out that he was married.

    I, too, wasn’t a Barry Obama supporter from the beginning and I definitely got the side eyes. I was Bill Richardson all Day and then remained torn between Hil and Barry until the SC primaries.

    I think it’s crazy for people to act like entertainers have separate personal and professional lives. The dichotomy is a myth…as a result, when one of these entertainers does something in any capacity that I don’t like, I don’t support anymore..period. That goes for C.Brown; R.Kelly; and a list of others. I’m not saying people can’t be forgiven or given second chances…I just don’t have to give either with my money or my time.

    About the medical expenses…I don’t see the problem in him paying. You play, you pay in one form or another. And, like NerdGirl said, better him paying than me.

    • Hey girl, where ya been???
      Girl, some of the stuff that folks said to me during the election??? Wow! Some of it left me speechless.
      I agree – support them or not, everyone has that choice.
      See, I just can’t get with him paying her bills. There’s no proof that he’s even the father. What about that little fact??

  8. Alicia is catching A LOT of heat for her actions…

    I mean…its natural for people to be bothered by the fact that she knowingly slept with and ended up getting pregnant by a married man but at the end of the day, who are any of us to pass judgment??

    I feel like everybody is putting the blame on her and not enough finger pointing is being done to Swizzy…After all, HE was the one who was married and Alicia couldn’t have messed up HIS happy home if HE didn’t allow it to happen. Ya feel me?!?!?!

    Oh and don’t even get me started on dude paying that chicks medical expenses when he’s not even sure he’s the pappy. That’s bananas!!!

  9. I usually don’t like to debate because I am lazy and tend to remember something after the fact. I also don’t feel it necessary for people to see or understand my view. I am usually open to other opinion’s, but only if I asked for them. I think you made a great point about Alicia Keys. It is her problem not mine. I have taken it a little serious. I just hate to see the dissolution of marriage and it’s even uglier if a third party is involved. She seems so hell bent on empowerment with her songs but her life speaks otherwise.

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