The Fever for the Flavor

I’ve been trying for three days, NOT to write this post, but I feel like I just have to get it out.  I encountered a situation while returning from ATL this past Sunday.  I’m still shaking my head and wondering how others would have reacted.  Little MrTDJ and I were leaving the Atlanta airport and ya girl was tired.  Note to self – Never, ever, travel alone with a small child. I’m a child of the 80’s dammit!  Nancy Reagan taught me how to “Just Say NO!”, but I didn’t heed the message.

Anyway, as I struggled to carry a large diaper bag on one shoulder, steer Little MrTDJ’s stroller with one hand, while pulling a huge roller bag with a smaller tote perched precariously on top, I stumbled and almost met the smooth tile floor with my pearly whites.  Mama and Papa TDJ paid good ole Dr. Kletter a pretty penny back in the day for these babies, and I saw their destruction flash before my eyes.  As I struggled to not flip the little man out of his stroller and take an ungraceful tumble in the main terminal, a big strong, brown arm clenched my shoulder as one would palm a basketball and rooted me to the spot I was in.

I was saved from disaster by a handsome stranger.  (Sounds like a movie, no? *lol*) I noticed he was good looking cause I’m married, not blind, ya heard?    After thanking him and turning to continue my awkward trollop, he offered to handle my suitcase and tote for me.  Ya’ll, I was so dang tired from the entire trip, that I didn’t even think twice about it.  Little MrTDJ and I were both anxious to get home to MrTDJ.  Normally, I’d have given old boy the serious side eye.  But hell, I had the most important package (Little MrTDJ), so if homey had decided to run off with my two bags full of our clothes, toys, diapers and other baby stuff, I wouldn’t have chased him.   I was relieved for the assistance because no good Samaritans had stepped up during our trip from DC to ATL.

I told him that we were going to AirTran and he nodded, saying he was going there as well.  As he took my suitcase, I noticed that there was another brother walking by his side; taller and just as good looking.  Ah, I thought, I am in the ATL, so I assumed they were a couple.  Didn’t matter to me, but I did make the assumption and note that they were an attractive couple.  He smiled and I smiled back.  The second brother said, “Are you headed to DC too?”  I confirmed that I was, and he said, “Oh good, so is Douglas.  He can help you once ya’ll land too.”  Cool, I thought.   We made small talk about Little MrTDJ, the NBA Finals and the hot ass Atlanta weekend while walking to the counter to get our bags checked in.  The duo walked with us to the Security checkpoint.  Once there, they kissed and embraced, before Vince (the taller one) said bye and headed toward the exit.  Doug stayed with us all the way onto the plane and was seated a few rows away.  He told me to wait and he’d help us off the plane and help get our luggage from baggage claim.

OK, flight delays and such get us into DC at 12:30am instead of 11:45pm.  The terminal is deserted except for the passengers from our flight.  We’re all virtually silent as we wait for the baggage claim carousel to start spitting our luggage out.  From nowhere, a high pitched shriek pierced the silence and a woman hoisted herself into Doug’s arms.  Between hot and heavy kisses, I heard, “Dougie! Baby, I missed you so much!!  Did you have a good time with your cousins?”

“Dougie” was squirming and looking all kinds of uncomfortable. Others probably thought it was the PDA in general, but I knew the real deal.  She looked up at me with “that” expression and I made sure to extend my left hand so that my rings would twinkle, when we shook hands.   After she saw them, she relaxed a little and made sure that I saw her engagement ring.  It was very pretty and I could feel sending me a “touche” through the air.  I wanted to scream, Don’t trip on me, girlfriend.  You’ve got a real serious problem, but it damn sure ain’t me!

Doug grabbed all our bags when they came around, then they walked me and the sleeping Little MrTDJ out to meet MrTDJ.  From the moment she had entered the terminal, do ya’ll know that man could not, or rather WOULD not make eye contact with me?  I said thanks and goodbye, he mumbled something like no problem, but I had already tuned him out.  In my mind, I had praised him for being a nice guy, a good Samaritan (which he was), but now I was cussing him left and right for being a lying ass, no count knee grow.  I hope she figures it all out, but it wasn’t my place to tell her.

I’m curious – what would ya’ll have done?


45 thoughts on “The Fever for the Flavor

  1. Boy I tell you. Y’all get some of the juiciest stories.

    I would have done exactly what you did and that was to walk away. I have nothing to do with what he had going on.

  2. WOW!!! What could you have done? Are you really gonna tell some strange woman who already thinks you’re after her man that her man doesn’t want either of you? Why on EARTH did you try to hold this one back??? WOW!!

  3. If she’s dumb enough to believe a BLACK MAN is visiting a COUSIN in ATLANTA, then she deserves her DL hubby. I wish my man would tell me he was visiting a male cousin in Atlanta, of all places.

    Wait, maybe it’s because I live here and it’s so obvious to me? Anywho, I would have kept my iips zipped too.

    • LOL!! I think that we all have heard all the chatter about the ATL, but yes, an a resident of the ATL currently, you have more intel to support the facts. Is it really THAT bad down there? Geeeeeeeeez!!!!

  4. Chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllle, my mouth is wide open as I type this!!!!!!!

    I bet his ass was SHAME!!!!! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    I wouldn’t have said a daggone thing. You played your cards right and got what you needed out of it.

    • And that’s the position I found myself in. Felt hella bad for her, especially if she has no clue whatsoever, but you’re right – as a stranger, there was ish I coulda done.

  5. **Waving** Hi!

    Girl, you did the right thing. What could you have done? Just pray that she finds out about his foolishness before they tie the knot.

  6. LOL…now that was funny as heck…I’d probably feel a little guilty knowing that her man was sword fighting,,,but then after she acted all ‘possessive’ about her dude and a strange woman -I’d chuckle to myself knowing that her insecurites over a woman was sadly misplaced 😦
    Po’ sista -E. Lynn Harris novel in the making :-{

  7. Hey Trip! What a doosie… you did the right thing. Just pray that his discomfort was enough
    to compel him to do the right thing and be honest with his fiancée and himself.

  8. Before I could type *OMGosh* I was screaming *OMGosh* I feel bad for this lady….but what can you do? That’s so not an airport conversation starter.

    Hugs and Mocha,

    • Yeah, that’s not a conversation that I’d want to have with anyone, but especially not with a stranger. I could just feel a, “B*tch What??” coming out of one of us.

  9. OMG! OMG! OMG! That was too crazy! I feel for her, but there was really nothing you could say. She would not have believed you. I’m sure he is so straight around her. again OMG and WOW!

  10. I wouldn’t have said anything either. I mean, it would have just been a huge scene. Plus he helped you out, even if he is lying to someone else. They are a stranger so…

    Oh and thanks for stopping by my site!

  11. WoW! You did the only thing that could be done! I mean who believes a complete stranger? I hope he is practicing safe sex!

  12. Not sure what I would have done. Honestly, if I was in her shoes I would want to know before I pledged my life to someone who is that dishonest. On the other hand I wonder how I would take it from someone I did not know and we are assuming she does NOT know.

    Still think Atlanta gets a bad rap as the black down low capitol. People are on the down low around the world.

    P.S. – Thanks for stopping by the blog and the you are correct. The film was the Usual Suspects 🙂

    • Agreed – I’ve always thought ATL got a bad rap too. I started to leave the city out or change it, but I decided to just put it out there. DL is DL anywhere.
      I had to get that Usual Suspects reference. I love Kevin Spacey and I love that film.
      Thanks for coming by!

  13. Wow!!!! I don’t think there was anything for you to do either. But WOW ~ my mouth is hanging open and I think I just shouted a curse word or two. Which isn’t a good look since I’m at work!!

    That’s is unbelievable. But totally believable. Damn.

  14. i would have done the same thing you did, shake my head and say a prayer that the TRUTH is revealed to her BEFORE she walks down the isle…its insane that this “made for lifetime” type of stuff is STILL happening in 2010…
    i am really just like speechless…

  15. DAYYYYYUM!!! i thought you was gonna saw he ran off with your bag! not that I wanted THAT to happen but i just REALLLLY didnt’ expect for ole Dougie boy to be undercover..he SHOULD have been ashamed no good nig*a! AAAAGGGHH! Just man UP!!!!!

  16. I’m a girl’s girl, so if we’d ended up in the ladies room, I would’ve told; but after her funky attitude, I definitely wouldn’t gone out of my way. I know how to mind my own business too!

  17. Oh my damn! I wonder how many women are REALLY getting played by their men in this manner? I feel sorry for her, but even more sorry for ole boy that he can’t be true to himself and to his ‘girl’. And they are about to get MARRIED! Oh my DAMN!

    • Exactly! Because seriously? My gay-dar is on high alert ALL the time and I’m usually very, very good at detecting. Those two? Didn’t set off a thing UNTIL they stood together. Their vibe together was “couple”, but apart? You wouldn’t have had any indication that they were anything other than straight.

  18. Wow. I would want someone to tell me if my man was on the DL. But I also wouldn’t want to single-handedly blow up this relationshionship that I don’t know nothing about. I probably wouldn’t say anything. I’d be so stunned that I even witnessed it, they’d proably be gone by the time I got my thoughts together.

    • I think I’d want to know too, but I can’t help but think that the average person wouldn’t give a damn what a stranger in the airport had to say.

  19. oh helllllll nah!!! i would have exposed him for the undercover booty bandit he is!!!! smh. u never know these days…..

  20. Damnnnnnnn!!!! That’s some ish!! DL brothers are lame as hell. Be a man and own your sexuality. Why put your partner in a situation were they can find out and be hurt and scared? Dougie has some nerve to be engaged to this women.

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