The Lone Wolf

I finally had a chance to watch, “The Hangover” last night.  It was funny.  It had been so hyped up by so many, that I found myself underwhelmed.  Granted, there were quite a few funny parts, but it wasn’t hilarious to me.

One scene that did resonate though, was the goofy brother in law to be and his lone wolf analogy.   I’ve always felt like a lone wolf.   I’m an only child and I love it.  I loved it while growing up and I love it now as an adult.  I’ve never wanted or craved for a sibling.  Well, there was this one time in 2nd grade when I asked for an older brother.  I didn’t actually want an older brother, but my friend Shanti had convinced me that it was cooler to have your older brother walk you to school instead of your mom.  My parents glanced at each other, then at me.  Neither uttered a word and theirs expressions forced me figure out the impossibility of creating an older sibling.

After that moment, I was fine in my onlyness.  I loved creating solo games, playing different characters, writing creative stories and never having to share my parents.  *lol*  I enjoyed the company of others, especially my parents, but I was essentially a happy loner.  And, now, as an adult, I’m still a loner.  Don’t get me wrong – I like people.  I have fantastic family, friends and framily who I love spending time with.  However, I love my own company the best.  I keep my own council and don’t open up to others very easily.  I am definitely a talker but as a true introvert, after spending time with lots of people, I need solitude to recharge myself.

Over the years, I have let a few folks into my wolfpack, but in my heart, I’m truly a lone wolf.


13 thoughts on “The Lone Wolf

  1. Lol! You sound nutty… but in a fun way! Hangover cracked me up! Helped that I had quite a lot of beer in my system. ROTFL @ “My parents glanced at each other, then at me. Neither uttered a word and theirs expressions forced me figure out the impossibility of creating an older sibling.” HAHAHAHAHA. They really were like, “Please let this child be smarter than this. She’s gonna get it. I know she can… wait for it… k she got it. PHEW!!!” I longed to be an only child many times. I love being the center of attention & not being bothered while I read a book. But I can now appreciate having a sister.

    • LMAO! Yes, I am nutty! Thanks for noticing! Um, yeah, I think you breakdown is just about right. I could see the wheels spinning, “All that money we’re paying for private school???”

  2. I have an older brother but he is 8 years older so when I really need a sibling, he was away at college. But I knew when I had one kid, that I had to have another. I need them to play with one another so they can stay out of my way!!

    • Ya know, people keep telling me that having one is harder than having two. I refuse to listen! *lol* My son is 17 months and I ain’t birthing no mo babies!

  3. I think that’s why we got along so well in high school. There is nothing like being the only child, not having to share and deal with anyone else. I tell my husband all of the time, I don’t know how he grew with two brothers and sisters. That’s too many people. I need my peace and quiet. Even after having 3 kids, I’m still looking for that difficult to obtain quiet. So if you ain’t birthing no mo babies, little man will be alright. Look at the two of us. I still sign my cards to my mom, her 1 and only.

    • You’re so right!! And you know that I still consider you to be on my short list of “friends”! I’m in awe of your ability to balance it all, based on the size of your family. I turn into a cranky bear when I can’t find just a few minutes of peace. LOL @ the way you sign your cards!!

  4. I have never seen The Hangover, but I can attest to this statement @ I keep my own council and don’t open up to others very easily. I too love the introverted nature of myself. It hasn’t always been this ways, I was extremely outgoing once upon a time. But once you’ve seen one human being, you have pretty much seen them all, so now I tighten my inner circle and even their company even more than ever.

    Just as much as I hold absolute love for the endless childhood memories shared with family and friends.

  5. I’m not an only – I’m the oldest of four and the only girl – but I definitely enjoy being by my lonesome. I really truly thought I’d never get married because I could not imagine having somebody around all the time. Forever. Luckily, Smoochy gets this and doesn’t trip too hard when I need solo time.

    Lovegirl is an only and I certainly don’t plan on having another. Every once in a while I’ll feel a little guilty for not giving her any siblings. I get over it with a quickness! Thank you for helping me feel as though her being an only doesn’t mean she’ll be alone!

  6. i am the youngest of 6 the ONLY girl and am still the lone wolf…i am really a lone wolf…and like you i am learning its a OK

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