Speeding and Tweezing

I’ve officially seen it A.L.L!!

This morning, while riding on the D.C. Beltway, I noticed a white BMW a few cars ahead of me, bobbing and weaving in the left lane.  Not a little left/right action, but serious across the line, back across into the rumble strips kinda swerving.  Then, as evidenced by the brake lights on the cars him the BMW and the open road ahead of it, this driver wasn’t paying attention to the road.  I was to the right of this car, but unable to get over so that I’d have one empty lane to separate us.  I decided to speed up and leave this shaky character in the dust.  Ya’ll, when I passed her, I was momentarily stunned.

THIS chick was tweezing her eyebrows.  Uh huh.  Driving on the Beltway, going 60mph, driving with her left hand, looking into the sun visor mirror and tweezing with her right hand. Wait, wait, WHAT???  Tweezing while driving?  Speeding even.  Do that ish at home, or at your desk, or at the salon.  Hell, in your car while parked if you just have to.  But, WHILE driving?  People have clearly lost their freaking minds and have no regard for how much of a deadly weapon a distracted driver can be.  Ever the policeman’s daughter, I slowed up, memorized her license plate and pulled over to report her ass!

Happy Friday ya’ll!  Please be safe out there!


15 thoughts on “Speeding and Tweezing

  1. Oh my God! Tweezing??? Only positive thing I can say about that is atleast she was threading them which takes two hands! People can be such idiots!

  2. That is some scary ish. How in the world a person can actually risk not only their life, but the lives of others, is beyond my reasoning.

    You did good reporting her to the authorities.

    Yes. This world is not like it was yesterday.

  3. Its a difference in putting on mascara at a stop light ( I have done it ) , but there is no way im gonna be on the e-way trying to put makeup on

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