A Little of This and A Little of That

  • Last Thursday, I played hooky from work and spent a fantastic day with four buddies who I don’t see often.  I got an awesome invite to a pretty unique event, so I went through my mental rolodex to see what cool folks wanted to hang with me for a few hours.  I picked a nice little diverse group that consisted of  The Travel Diva (a blogger friend), two old co-workers turned friends, and a listserve friend.  The five of us have never hung together, but you surely couldn’t tell by the time we left the event.  Laughs, smiles and hugs were shared and I can’t wait until I’m free to tell ya’ll about the fun we had.  We’ve been sworn to secrecy until August!
  • Over the last 4 or 5 months, 6 bloggers that I follow with my google reader have announced that they getting divorced.  Damn, Gina, just damn. I commend each of them for having the courage to share something so personal and painful.

  • Hubby and I just finished Season 4 of our newest guilty pleasure, Dexter.  Wow!!!!  I’m still in shock and we watched it on Saturday morning.  Holy Moly Batman!  September 2010 and the Season 5 premiere can’t come soon enough! The show reminds me of some of our former favorites like Alias, The Shield and Rescue Me.  Just when you think you know which way things are going to go, the writers threw you a serious curveball.  Who knew we’d grow to love a show about a serial killer?  The writing is so witty and smart!!  And, who can hate Michael C. Hall?  He first hit as radar as the lovable, gay brother on Six Feet Under.
  • Allergies are the devil!!  I don’t normally suffer from them, but this year, they are knocking me for a loop.  Me and the little guy are both teary eyed, sniffly and wheezy.  Ick!  Come on summer!  No more pollen!

  • My immediate boss has given her two weeks’ notice and ya girl couldn’t be MORE THRILLED!! For the last 5 years, this wench has made our work environment miserable!   I’ve gotten so many phone calls and emails from co-workers, some with just a smiley face in the title with no message!  *LOL*  We’ve taking her to lunch this Friday and I’m happy to chip to her farewell gift.  SEE YA!!!!
  • I am approaching my 5/18 writing deadline and I’m not as far along as I’d like to be.  **smh**  Me needs fairy dust to unblock my writing Jones!
  • Found the last night’s “Amazing Race” finale to be a bit underwhelming.  I love the show, but it seemed like this season’s tasks weren’t very difficult compared to prior seasons.  Any other fans want to chime in?  And although the “who was eliminated in what order” challenge is supposed to be a memory test, allowing contestants to use a list that they’ve written along the way seems unfair.  Smart on the part of the team that did it, but somehow unfair to the other teams.  I realize that the rules don’t say they can’t, but they just shouldn’t damn it! *lol*  I’m thinking that challenge needs to be revamped or eliminated for future seasons.

What’s up in ya’lls neck of the woods?


10 thoughts on “A Little of This and A Little of That

  1. Oh how I wish I could receive that same two weeks notice message from my boss. I’d dance up and down the halls like my black @ss was in ‘The Wiz’….and I wouldn’t chip in on a gift either. LMAO

    I can’t believe no one else thought of making a list of the order of eliminated contestants until this season. They probably just thought they couldn’t.

    • LOL @ The Wiz reference! You know I instantly had a visual of you “easin’ on down the road”?

      I know, right? Smart, but still seems like it should be against the rules!

  2. Hmm, noticed there has been ALOT of TV watching and not enough writing. I am calling to get your cable disconnected ASAP. Writers do what?!?! That’s is right, WRITE!!!

  3. Hilarious @ happy to chip in on the farewell gift. It must be nice being able to free the workplace environment from misery. Hopefully the owner of this company will one day try it.

    Divorce does appear to be the going move, nowadays. Pretty soon they will marry again and hopefully experience everlasting happiness.

    • Re: the boss – I’m still floating on cloud 9!

      Divorce seems to be EVERYWHERE. Amongst family, friends and my internet community, I’ve been hearing of 1 marriage to ever 3 or 4 divorces. I hope you’re right and that each will find happiness again. Everyone deserves it.

  4. Glad that you are enjoying your boss’s departure, the Dexter Show and Amazing Race. I watched AR but often forgot to turn the channel to this show. But it is one of my favorites though. I also love Dexter and was reading yesterday that the actor who plays Dexter actually is in remission for cancer. I am glad that he is better. You sound like you have had some good time and some comforting time. Keep your head up.

  5. I wanted the cowboys to win on AR but oh well.
    I have 3 more episodes in Seson 3 of Dex before I head off to season 4. I didn’t know that was the last season though. I think I will have a great big void in my life when I am done with these DVD’s.

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