A Little of This and A Little of That

  • Jilian Micheals is the devil! She and her 30 Day Shred Workout DVD are trying to kill me!  But, I’m not stopping!
  • I love the show “Criminal Minds” but the episodes are starting to really becoming a little too disturbing for me.  I think that the shift in my psyche when I became a mother is messing with my ability to just view it as a tv show.  Last week’s episode involving a sick couple that was abducting children, keeping them for years and when they got too old, killing them and destroying the evidence using a cremation stove.  Wow.  Just wow.  Not sure if I can keep watching.
  • This past weekend, my son and I had the pleasure of helping a friend who in on the road to achieving their dream.  We are so, so, so proud of our girl Creole in DC and we can’t wait for her to BLOW UP!!!
  • Right now, in the car, I’m listening to “VH1 Behind the Music: The Hall and Oates Collection“.  Almost forgot how much I loved those dudes until recently, so I ordered the CD from Ama.zon and have been jamming for a solid week.  Great purchase for $4.81!

  • Hello, my name is MrsTDJ and I’m addicted to e.bay.  There, I said it.  Now somebody, anybody, help me!!!  My latest obsession?  Coupons.  Bet some of ya’ll didn’t even know that you could purchase, I mean erra . . . pay someone for their time to clip coupons.  Because, according to the fine print on each and every coupon printed, “Coupon cannot be bought, copied, transferred or sold”.  So, the folks on ebay are just charging you for the time and energy it took them to clip, organize and post the details.  Riiiiiiiiiiiight!
  • I have to go to my local post office this weekend.  Ya’ll please, please pray for me.  My experiences at the post office have never been the greatest.  For my new readers, please refer here.  I am not going to that particular post office, but one about 2 miles from there.  I am not confident that I will leave there with the mail that I intend to pick-up.  Perhaps I will try a meditation exercise before I get out of my car.
  • An out of state friend called and needed to borrow $150.   Although my friends list on Facebook is 600+, my friends list in real life is teeny weeny, so there was no hesitation when I agreed.  Didn’t need to know what it was for or why they didn’t have it.  Just tell me how to get it to you.  They needed it right away and didn’t want me to go to their bank the following day, so they suggested West.ern Uni.on or Mone.y G.ram.  I agreed and sent it promptly.  They called this morning to get my banking info to make a deposit.  I provided the info and they asked me to confirm that I had received the funds.  I checked my account and indeed, a deposit had been made of $150.  Ya’ll it cost be $19.99 to send the money.   I would have paid my lender back $170.00.  Am I wrong for thinking that way?  It’s $20 bucks so I’m not going to ask her about it, but I’m curious as to what other think.  Opinions?

10 thoughts on “A Little of This and A Little of That

  1. Keep up the good work! I plan on doing 30 Day Shred when I finish this wretched Insanity. I’ve never done it and am kinda looking forward to seeing what it is all about. Jillian rocks on Biggest Loser.

    I love Criminal Minds – I’ve never seen it ‘fresh.” I catch marathons and old episodes on A&E. Some episodes are too rough for me too.

    Love Hall & Oates – may just need to drop $4.81 and cop that.

    I’d let the 20 dollars ride.

    • I’m liking the 30DS. It’s kicking my tail, but I’m not stopping. Jillian is a great trainer!
      Order the CD please!! You will not be disappointed. I promise!
      Yeah, I’m letting it ride, I was just curious as to whether others would be expected to get it back. Maybe that was a bad assumption on my part.

  2. I’d probably let the 20 ride if I wasn’t going to miss it. However if it means Baby No Doze has to go without something then I would surely remind them.

    I can’t watch CM right before I go to bed.

    • Nah, BND is good. Thank goodness right now $20 won’t make or break us.
      And, no, we definitely do NOT watch CM before bed. That’s like asking for nightmares.

  3. I lurves me some e.b.ay too.

    After the fact, I’d have to let the $20 go. However, (if and when) next time, I’d have to tell them that I simply can’t spend 10% of the total to send when I can wire directly from my bank for free. “Sorry, that going to your bank in inconvenient, but $20 premiums is too high.” They will either promise the additional 20 or go to the bank to pick up the funds.

    Hate the post office too.

    • Gurl, what did we do before e.bay? *lol*
      Good point re: next time. I guess it was just a bad assumption on my part or it simply could be an oversight on her part. If I were to bring it up, I’m sure she go immediately and deposit, but I just didn’t want to make it into a big deal, ya know?

  4. I am addicted to freebie sites. HELP! 🙂

    I recently posted about lending money to people. I honestly just try NOT to do it. Too much to think about. You’re a sweet person. Looking back on it, I would have let them know that it cost $20 to send them $150 and they would need to pay you back $170. Then again, I will just stick with my NO answer if.when I am asked for money.
    Let the $20 go and make a mental note not to do it anymore. LOL…Ok, don’t listen to me.

  5. Here go these daggon coupons again. I need to get on my grind and get to clippin!

    I love sites that give away free samples.

    Like the others, I’d let the $20 ride but if the scenario presents itself again I would be sure to let them know upfront about the additional cost (and my expectation to have that refunded as well) if they choose to have the money sent via wire.

  6. I want to become a viewer of Criminal Minds. Let me look up when it comes on again. LOL!

    I think the person probably let the $20 Western Union fee lapse in their mind when they were trying to pay you back. They just thought $150. However, I would have known to pay pack the transaction fee if someone had wired me dough through Western Union. Let it slide, but next time…..

    Yeah..Jillian Michaels is a BEAST with those workouts!

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