A Little of This and A Little of That

  • I love to blog, but can’t seem to make the time to do it.  Sometimes I feel like I have Adult ADD or something.
  • 18 days to the Vancouver Winter Olympics and ya girl is very, very excited!  I’m an Olympics junkie – summer or winter, doesn’t even matter.  I love the opening ceremonies, the sportsmanship and the pride that the athletes show even when they have the slimmest chance possible at actually winning a medal.  I get sucked into the human interest stories and cry like a baby at what some have sacrificed to make it to the games.  Yep, Olympics junkie.
  • Remember last April when somebody’s cousin drove a car through my fence?  Click here to shake your head at the idiots in question.  Well, the State’s Attorney’s Office contacted me a few weeks ago to testify for the prosecution.  Great!  Yes, sure, I’d love to be subpoenaed, waste a day in court and have the case postponed for a later date.   Can we please talk about the restitution that I have still NOT received for my fence???????  ERGH!
  • However, my day wasn’t a total bust as I almost busted a gut laughing at the tomfoolery in the courtroom.  I was able watch in amusement as a case of very obvious insurance fraud was prosecuted.  Dude opened a retail storefront to sell men’s fashion accessories.  Uh huh.  Accessories.  Men’s accessories.  No clothing, just accessories.  Belts, hats, ties, cufflinks, handkerchiefs, and socks.  That’s all.  In a strip mail with a Sub.way, a mattress store and a nail salon.  I guess he thought that after getting our nails and brows done, we’d wander on over to his shop to by a little something for the men in our lives.  RIIIIIIGH!  Ummm. . . . . so obviously, opening that store was simply part 1 in the plan to burn it down for the insurance money.  Not smart dude.  Clearly, he was found guilty of all charges.  He seemed shocked by the verdict.  I was shocked by his acting skills.
  • I’ve decided that I am never again speaking or defending my decision to only have one child to ANYONE, even family.  Damn Gina!  I’m not sure on what planet the conversation is even appropriate.  My body, my life, my choice.
  • High five to TV One for adding “A Different World” to their evening lineup at 11 and 11:30pm.  Love, love, love that show and wish all the seasons were available on DVD.   I still remember when the show first started as a spin-off from the “The Cosby Show”.  I fell in love with almost all of the characters instantly, especially Dwayne Wayne.   *lol*  Over time, even Whitley Gilbert grew on me.
  • Wow, another deadly accident/incident on the D.C. Metro system.  Hmm, me thinks some heads need to roll.  The last few months have been horrible.  Makes me reconsider hopping on Metro, ya know?
  • Talking to my BFF on the phone most mornings during my drive to work puts me in a much better mood to tackle the insanity that awaits me at my office.  Thanks NKG!!
  • I’m tired of hearing about Fantasia and her married boyfriend, Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats, married Oracle dude and his 8 year girlfriend, etc.  It’s their business.  If you get married, be faithful.  If you want someone else, get divorced.  If it’s not me, my family or “framily” (credit Creole in DC, 2009), then I don’t give a hoot.
  • I’m letting my age show – I bought tickets this week for hubby and I, along with some friends, to attend the “Fresh Fest”.  Ya’ll, can I tell you how damn excited I am to go, dance and rap along with some of my old school favorites.  Salt N Pepa, Whodini, Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick, Biz Markie and Big Daddy Kane!  Whew lawd!  I’m gonna need to warmup with some stretches before the show.  *lol*  Don’t want to pull a muscle or something while doing the Wop!!  I need to start evaluating my closet my the most appropriate and dance friendly clothing.  Still deciding if I’ll go old school and wear my two finger ring and “MrsTDJ” earrings.  Yep, I owned a pair and still have them in my jewelry box.

5 thoughts on “A Little of This and A Little of That

  1. I too, love A Different World and I am super stoked to be alble to watch it everynight.

    And, my best friend calls me every morning on her drive to work too!! That is so funny. I didn’t know that was such a common practice.

  2. I so feel you on the only child situation! Not sure why I defend my choice or why people are so ready and willing to discuss my perceived selfishness. Whatever!

    See, God knows what we can and cannot handle! If that tour came to our city I would hurt myself trying to dance and party like I did 20+ (ouch!) years ago. Have fun ~ that sounds awesome. I’m going to do the Roger Rabbit in your honor when I get home tonight 🙂

  3. I find it hard myself to blog consistently.

    I enjoy the Olympics myself, especially the inspiring moments sure to come.

    A Different World was one of the best shows of the 80s. At first I didn’t like nor understand the show, but it quickly improved.

    Fresh Fest sounds nice. The name sounds familiar when I think back to the unforgettable summers of nothing but hip hop concerts. The good ol’ days. Who can forget The Wop? LOL!

  4. A Different World is definitely one of the greatest shows ever, made folks in my age range really get hype about the HBCU experience (one I was fortunate enough to live through as I went to college)

    I keep forgetting about the fresh fest. EVERY year I hear about it, want to go and it just passes me by. Blame my job, lol

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