Repost by Request: Merry F***ing Christmas Mrs. Hard Heart!

I was having a discussion yesterday with a buddy who we’ll call Hot Sauce. A buddy is someone that I know, who’s a little more than an associate, but a little less than a friend. We worked together a couple of years ago, so we try to get together at least once or twice a year for dinner and catching up. We get along well, but we usually have very different opinions of things. I like having discussions with all kinds of people, whether we agree or not. Some of my best discussions have been with people that have differing opinions. I love it when we don’t agree but can engage each other in an interesting back and forth dialogue. Engage the mind, man!

So, we’re enjoying fresh guacamole and chips at Rosa Mexicano Restaurant in NW Washington, DC and having great conversation. BTW – if you’re in the area and haven’t been, you should go. Anyways, so we start talking about current events – how great Mary J has been looking lately, laughter over Obama’s NFL commercial, etc., when the subject of the 3 missing hikers comes up. Just in case you’ve been under a rock, here’s the deal – 3 friends went mountain climbing on Mount Hood in Oregon, a big storm hit and they are now presumed dead. If you want more details, read this. We both agreed that it was a sad story and that our prayers were with the families.

Then things got a little heated. Not on my end, but on her end. I feel that daredevils fail to analyze the inherent risk in certain activities, and the impact that a “problem” will pose to other people. If you want to bungee jump, parasail, climb a mountain, take pictures of a tsunami, journey to the center of the earth or any other activity that the “average” person is not doing, go for it! Who am I to tell you not to go? Enjoy yourself. But, as a realist and a tax paying citizen, I have to question military search and rescue teams for persons participating in leisure activities. I’m a little hesitant to support the search and rescue of your silly ass when the shit fits the fan. Yep, you heard me. I know that money is spent everyday on billions on worthwhile and worthless missions and causes, but I see this as a little different. Of course accidents happen, but your involvement in high risk behaviors increase the odds that something may happen to you.

Well, Hot Sauce damn near lost it. She got huffy with me and started stuttering and saying, “What if that was your father or husband?” And I responded, “They’re not climbing any mountains.” At this point, I’ve got a giggle about to escape and my face is set in a smile, which makes Hot Sauce even madder. She got up, pushed in her chair, tossed $20 on the table, grabbed her purse and said, “Well, you have a Merry F***ing Christmas Mrs. Hard Heart!”

Folks, I almost fell out of my chair. That’s the best laugh that I’ve had in awhile. So, in honor or my buddy Hot Sauce, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!


23 thoughts on “Repost by Request: Merry F***ing Christmas Mrs. Hard Heart!

  1. Hmmm…..where’s the Holiday cheer and love Mrs. Hard Heart? I’m torn on this one. I agree with you; there’s more effort in this than when there’s a missing child but on the flipside, if it was my family, I’d expect George W out there. (wishful thinking I know). Either way, there’s no need to get your panties in a bunch over conversation. Take a chill pill.

    By the way, nice choice in restaurants!


  2. Ok…she got up and LEFT? Wow! Maybe it was the guacamole at Rosa’s that did it! LOL!

    I feel sorry for the families, but I am glad that the search was called off for the other two climbers who are presumed dead. It makes no sense for the rescuers to risk their lives. The weather was getting worse and worse as the days progressed.

  3. The guacamole at Rosa Mexicano is the truth! I was in DC this summer and tried it along with those pomagrante margaritas and I’m still craving the guacamole and the magaritas.

    Anyway… enough of that… I think we need to think of better ways to handle these kinds of rescue missions. But that’s not the thing I want to comment on in this post…

    I can’t believe she made a theatrical-grand-exit! LOL. That’s too funny. Threw her money on the table and everything. Well, you got a darn funny blog entry out of it! ‘Cause this is a great story! Happy holidays!

  4. @ Always – Yep, us fluffly ladies know how to pick the good restaurants. *lol*

    @Tndr – You think the guac made her lose it?

    @Gwyneth – Ahh yes, the pomegranate martinis are serious! I took the Metro (train) so that I could have 2. 🙂


    Taya…you and me on the same page. Go climbing in the Spring and Summer.

  6. @ West – yeah, a kind of dipped. I wanted to see what other points she had. 🙂

    @ Angie & African Girl – I still laugh every time I think about it!

    @ Shai & West – thanks for stopping by!

    @ Monica – I know right? It’s not that serious!

  7. LMAO! Okay, I’m glad it’s not just me!!! It’s their own damn fault. Ain’t nobody told their silly asses to go climb that damn peak! They already knew nobody else had ever done it. Ya THINK they would have known there must be a reason for that!! But I do know that things happen, and it would be wrong for nobody to even attempt to look for them. But rescuers should not be endangered to look for them.

  8. ITA with you on this.

    I also think that people – non military – who visit countries that are in political upheavel should not have to have the US bargain for their safety.

    If the State Department’s website says stay the f*ck away and you go anyway, that’s on you.

  9. ROTFLMAO.. OMG.. ok lemme breathe.. whew.. HAHAHAAAA

    Ok I feel you on your thoughts cause I feel like that sometimes too but for her to get up and leave like that.. LMAO Wow

    Oh yeah Rosa Mexicano huh??? *adding to places to dine in 2007*

  10. Okay Mrs. Hard Heart (stop laffing)! Hee! What a retort! Is she kin to the missing men, was that why she was so vested? Good grief.

    I’ve been sick too — hope you’re better soon!

  11. GTFOOH!!! She threw money down and stormed out over a discussion on the merits of saving crazy folk from themselves. BYATCH WHAT?! If we can’t agree to disagree on occasion then I guess we are really not friends. I hope you finished the guac and had another drink. BWAAAAHAAAHAAAHAAA.

  12. we think alike, cause when i originally read about this story over at the first thought which entered my mind was – why in the world would someone subject themselves to harsh conditions especially when they KNOW the weather is, as it was. i have sympathy for those who lose their lives, but, at some point, people need to take better caution. i wouldn’t run out in the middle of traffic cause i have to believe that i will get hit by a car, ya know.

  13. I feel the same as you do. When I read the story I wondered why people put themselves in harms’ way. What’s so important on that high ass mountain that these men needed to see? They are the ones who brought heart ache to their families and friends. We can’t keep putting rescue teams in harms way because others are dare devils. I know if it was my people I would be heartbroken but I would have told my family members about the dangers and made sure they knew that their lives would be in danger. But in these cases I think the dare devils knew but wanted to do it anyway. There fore I can not be sad for me. I hope they did not suffer. But the friend is too funny!

  14. You are reminding me of something I read, not sure where, but it may have been here in Texas, anyway the idea/discussion was that some municipalities were actually going to try to charge/ bill people in which they had to take extra expense to rescue them (for like overtime, etc). I think it had to do with mandatory evacuations & folks who decided to not comply but then later requested help. I guess its kind of similar, you had the opportunity to avoid putting yourself in danger, but you didn’t.

    BTW I never get tired of Mexican food & never met a Martini that I didn’t like !

    Merry Christmas!

  15. no its was her stomach that was bubbling so she had to figure out the quickest way to escape without revealing the fact that that damn guac ran right through her!…LOL!

    Merry Christmas Girlie!

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