Was I Supposed to…

  • Be upset that Flight Time and Big Easy got eliminated from “The Amazing Race” last night?  Nope, I wasn’t.  I thought I would be, but their positivity and laughter made me smile.  I wish they were on their way to the finals, but it simply didn’t work out.

  • cry at the end of “Marley and Me” when the dog died?  Nope, sure didn’t.  Dogs are ok, but I don’t love ‘em.  Sorry Monnie!   However, if I were going to love a dog, it would probably be Jaru and Lucy, two of the coolest dogs I’ve ever met.

  • laugh at the situation with Tiger Woods and his wife?  Nope, sure didn’t.  Keep your hands to yourself.

  • Watch the “Soul Train Awards” last night?  Nope, sure didn’t.  There are not enough hours in the day to waste my time on Awards shows anymore.  They typically bore me and play the music of artists that I can’t stomach. Transport me back to the past and give me music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s please and thank you.
  • Write a thank you note in response to an unexpected thank you note that I received in the mail, which was in response to the original thank you note that I sent?  Nope, sure didn’t.  Confused?  Me too!  *lol*  How many thank you notes are too many?

  • Apologize for opening my neighbor’s utility disconnection notice that was mistakenly delivered to my mailbox? Nope, sure didn’t.  My mailman must have numeric dyslexia because he is constantly “misdelivering” our mail. 7103 is not 7013.   I’m sorry for your financial situation , but I’m tired of getting your bill collection notices.  I put it in their mailbox and kept it moving.
  • Ignore the homeless man that I see every morning that I stop for a sweet tea at the McDonalds near my job? Nope, sure didn’t.  I gave him $.50 today, as I have done every time I’ve seen him in the past.  He says he’s hungry, so hopefully those quarters help.  If he’s not honest, that’s between him and his conscious.
  • Feel sorry for my 13 year old niece because she lost her cell phone?  Nope, sure couldn’t.  Her mother won’t buy her another one until her next birthday (March), so she called me to cry and ask me to work on softening her mother’s stance.  Um, sorry playa, I don’t think you should have a phone at all, so you definitely don’t want me to call your mother.  You might get another phone at all if I get involved.  I didn’t need a cell phone at 13 and neither do you!


11 thoughts on “Was I Supposed to…

  1. I missed AR last night. Bah Humbug! 😦

    Every time I see the end of Marley & Me I bawl like a damn newborn baby. All I can think about is my dogs. *sigh* I have banned myself from watching that movie for awhile. LOL

    I flipped to the Soul Train Awards as I was laying in bed trying to go to sleep. I saw Robin Thicke singing for all of 10 seconds and I was o-u-t.

    Who sends a thank you note in reply to a thank you note? Da hell????

    One of the backup mailmen always puts a piece of mail from the next street over in our mailbox (it’s the same street number, different street). I can only imagine how much of our mail has ended up in the wrong place.

    LOL @ your niece. Poor baby.

    • Sorry lady!!! I didn’t mean to ruin the episode for you! I usually DVR everything, but for once, I was able to watch in real time.

      See, I never really loved dogs growing up (even though we had a few), so I just can’t/don’t look at them like “family”.

      Yeah, she thought her cool Auntie would be hooking her up – NOPE! Not gonna be able to do it!

  2. Did I find this mean and unnecessarily uncaring? Nope, sure didn’t. I agree with you on most if not all you said!

  3. I was a little bummed at the Globetrotters getting the boot but they were major fun so it made up for it.

    I watched the ST awards and I thought they were decent. Nothing to write home about but they were cool.

    By the way, thanks for stopping by.

  4. I’m not a dog person either. I tolerate them, but I don’t think I’ll ever have one as a pet. The only pets I do are contained ones….like fish.

    I hate I missed most of this season’s Amazing Race. Yeah, I felt bad for the brothers, but I’m going to root for Ericka and Brian. She’s a soror and was a former Miss USA or was it Miss America?

  5. I am terrified of dogs due to a childhood trauma that I never fully got over. I am a little better, but don’t like I will ever feel comfortable around them.

    I too don’t understand all these kids with cell phones. I know some 9 yr olds with cell phones. I just don’t get it. The parents justify it as a safety issue and being able to contact their children & I can appreciate that, but it just seems to open to door to so much other stuff so much earlier in life than necessary.

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