A Little of This and A Little of That


  • The response to my post regarding obesity has stunned me.  I appreciate those of you that chose to comment on the blog, but I also really appreciate those of you that emailed me privately/directly.  About 90% were positive, with a few completely off their rocker folks who thought I was advocating for fat acceptance and preaching that there is nothing wrong with being overweight.  **Sigh**  Really?  That’s what you read?   Alrightee, then.  Moving on to the aware commenters.  Many of you posed some interesting questions and have asked me to talk about some specific issues related to obesity, so I shall grant your wishes.  There will be more “Thoughts from the Fluffy Side” in the near future.
  • Musically, I am in heaven right now.  I used to love spending time creating “slow jam” tapes, even back when you had to be like Flash Gordon in order to catch the beginning and pause the tape just at the right second to not capture any of the dj’s voice.  Ya’ll remember?  Well, I have not let the digital era stop my mix tape game.  I purchase the cd’s I want, but hardly anyone is giving me a full cd worth of quality music (WTF is up with that??).  So, I upload all to my PC and create the CD of my dreams.  Right now, my mix is full of Conya Doss, Algebra, Vivian Green, Chrisette Michele, Laura Izibor, Estelle, Rashaan Patterson and Eric Roberson.  I’ll rock this for a few weeks, then make something new.
  • I’m pissed the hell off that Mike Isabella got booted from Top Chef Season 6!  He was one of my favorites.  Makes me realize that although I’ve heard amazing things about Zaytinya Restaurant in DC, I still haven’t visited.   Knowing that a visit there might mean meeting him and telling him he was robbed by reality tv, I am definitely going now.  Who’s with me?
  • The ending of Daylight Savings Time sucks!!  It’s now dark before I leave the office and it feels like midnight by the time I get home at 8pm.
  • Since our home/neighborhood was mobbed with trick or treaters last year, I stocked up on a gazillion bags of chocolate for Halloween.  Ya’ll, right when it turned to duck, it started raining.  I didn’t think much of it, because when I was a kid – we went HARD!  There was no way that some rain was going to keep up from getting that candy.  Well, apparently, this is another indication that kids today are SOFT!  Yep, I said it.  SOFT!!  Ask me how many kids came to the house?  2.  Yes, 2.  And, they broke my cardinal rule – they were being driven around by an adult and just jumping out at houses with lights on! What???  Ugh!  I took a deep sigh, but I was so happy to see anybody that I gave them a pass and huge handfuls of candy.

What’s happening with ya’ll?


5 thoughts on “A Little of This and A Little of That

  1. Wait, Wait, Wait….the memory of the recording of tapes brought me WAYYY back 🙂

    We’re new to our neighborhood and didn’t give out candy. Our neighbors across the street came over to inform us that this shall be our LAST year doing that. LOL

    OOPS! Ok, we will be on our game next year for sure.

  2. I still have mix tapes and other tapes that I purchased back in the day. I was the tape QUEEN!!! LMAO!!!

    The shorter days are the only thing that suck about DST ending. I was just telling my mistah last night how much trouble I was having adjusting to that this week.

  3. true @ not allowing the rain to spoil our fun. Those were the days, weren’t they? Your musical taste is above par. And daylight savings time tends to slow the crowd, so I love it. LOL.

  4. Mail me a mixtape!!!

    The only good thing about the time change is that on my early mornings, I can see b/c it’s already light outside.

    Kids ARE soft, but J and I rolled hard!

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