Conversations with LuLu


Tuesday, 10/27/09, 8:31pm

(conversation between my grandmother and I already in progress)

LuLu: That computer that ya’ll be carrying around?  That’s a laptop, huh?

Me: Yes ma’am, that’s a laptop.  Why do  you ask?  You want us to buy you one?

LuLu: (chuckles) Heavens no, chile, I even hate this cordless phone ya bought me.  I’m just wondering why dem two pilots from that plane lied about using ’em for a couple of hours.

Me: I don’t know ma’am.  I mean, I suppose it could be possible that they were so focused on . . .

LuLu: Let me stop you there chile.  They were focused alright, but it won’t on no little computer.  Two thangs – they was either fruity boys getting right friendly or they was getting high on some kinda dope.  That’s it!  Don’t no other cockamamie story even make a bit of sense!

Me: (drops the phone and cracks the h*ll up)


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