A Little of This and A Little of That


  • Please don’t mention The Gosselins, David Letterman or the lost bid for the Chicago Olympics to me.  I have NO INTEREST whatsoever in any of the 3.
  • I’m an Olympics junkie and couldn’t be happier that Rio won for 2016.  I may be able to put a pennies together and get myself on down there for a few days of adventure.
  • It’s official – I now hate the Baltimore Washington Parkway and almost every single driver that commutes northbound in the AM and southbound in the PM.
  • Juggling this mommy thing, wife thing, work thing is a challenge.   I haven’t found a good balance and my friendships are the most obvious victim.  I miss my friends and look forward to seeing many of them on October 17th!  Hopefully, I’ll be able to squeeze in time with the rest in the next few weeks.
  • My son thinks that the sound of dogs barking is hilarious and I blame the oh so lovable and spoiled, Lucy and Jaru.   Creole, please come and get your nephew!  *lol*
  • Last week, a colleague was reprimanded, sent to counseling and ordered to make restitution for inappropriate use of a government credit card.   Ya’ll wanna know what he did?  This fool paid for his mistress to have a breast augmentation!  Yep,  ya heard me, but I’ll say it again.  This married man thought that it was OK to cheat on his wife, then use his government credit card to buy his mistress some new ta-tas!  Well damn!!!  However, the craziest part of the story for me, is that he didn’t lose his job.  ***CRICKETS***  Nope, written reprimand, mandatory counseling with Employee Assistance Counselors and he’s on a payment plan to reimburse Uncle Sam, without interest.  Wow, just wow.    Makes me want to hit up Home Depot after work and buy the materials for the new deck that hubby and I have been dreaming about.   Geez!!!
  • Although the lyrics to his new song “Papers” are tacky as hell, I have a sneaky little feeling that Usher is about to sell a gazillion records!!!
  • Seems like I’m going to have to make “Craptastic Customer Service” a weekly feature around here.  WTH is wrong with retailers?  I’ve got a new crop of misfits to add to my crap list, so I’ll post in a few days.

5 thoughts on “A Little of This and A Little of That

  1. TD Bank and I are about to go at it! I opened a new account with them last week and it hasn’t worked right since. Tried to use my debit card last night and wouldn’t you know, IT DIDN”T WORK. I am sooooo regretting opening an account with them! Really, I am.

    Wow….no pink slips for charging cosmetic surgery on the company credit card??? Again, wow!

    Why do you hate the BW Parkway? Aren’t you going AGAINST traffic in the mornings and evenings?

  2. Scan. da. lous. How does one keep their job for moral and fiscal disrespect? Good lord. And Ursher’s upcoming album is going to be his version of Marvin’s “Here, My Dear”: A lil somethin’ somethin’ to get his soon to be ex-wife off his back financially. Should’ve listened to mom dukes.

  3. “It’s official – I now hate the Baltimore Washington Parkway and almost every single driver that commutes northbound in the AM and southbound in the PM. ”

    GIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRLLL! who you telling! OMG!!! just the mention of that dumb ass parkway boils my blood. except I’m going in the opposite direction at those times…LOL

  4. Umm, Please don’t hate me. I travel northbound in the AM and southbound in the PM on the BWParkway. I HATE IT TOO… AND EVERYONE THAT TRAVELS THE SAME TIME…EVERYONE BUT YOU. LOL

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