Craptastic Customer Service

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Lately, I’ve been on the receiving end of some really craptastic customer service and I’ve been compelled to contact the corporate offices of more than one retailers.  I am of the mind that good customer service should be acknowledged, so I often write, call and email to report a remarkable experience.  And, I feel that these less than acceptable experiences should be reported also.  Normally, when I’ve escalated an issue up the corporate chain, I’ve gotten a fairly prompt response, a succinct apology and often, a coupon or two.

Something must be in the water this year, because my three most recent experiences with 3 different retailers have ended with me getting nada.  I don’t expect coupons and free crap all the time, but what I do expect is a response. No email, no phone call, nada, zip, zilch! Really? That’s the way that companies are rolling in the ’09? When every dollar that I spend could be spent somewhere else and the competition is more than willing to treat me a little better, that’s the way you wanna roll? Cool! The die has been cast. As of today, I’m  putting the Avenue, Boston Market and Chick-Fil-A on blast. I’m not putting any dots in their names because I really WANT them to stumble across this blog in cyberspace.

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The Avenue

They send out email coupons often. I used to love this! Pretty good deals and some stores would even let you combine coupons, very customer friendly. Recently, they sent out a coupon where with any regular item purchase, you could purchase a pair of sandals for $10. Great deal. My fellow “fluffy” sista’s know that sometimes, you need the support that their brand, Cloudwalkers, can provide.

The coupon was sent on a Thursday, via email, to be redeemed by Sunday. I attempted to go to their Greenbelt, MD location on Sunday while in the midst of running other errands. I’ve been to that location many times and they close at 5pm. Except of course, on this day. I arrive at 4:15pm to a hand written sign, “Store closing today at 4pm to prepare for tomorrow. Sorry!”. WTF?

I email customer service from their website explaining the situation and requesting that I get to use my coupon. I get an automailer back saying that my email was received and I should get a response within 2 business days. 8 days later ya’ll, I’m still waiting. I followed up with a phone call to their toll free number and again was told someone would contact me. Ask me if I’ve heard back from them.

sorry 3

Boston Market

Over Labor Day Weekend, they ran a coupon promo on their website, ½ off any family meal. Wow, not sure you’ve been to Boston Market lately, but their prices have escalated since the last time I was there.  1/2 would make that meal just the right price for me!  I had a taste for their mashed sweet potatoes, so I figured I’d pick up a meal for the fam and have left over rotisserie chicken for salad the next day or two.  I’ll admit – I was too busy checking on my Crack.berry to watch my order being prepared.  (“Facebook is the debbil! – AR Gal, 2009)

A few blocks from home, I tried to pinch a little piece of cornbread but that sucka wouldn’t pinch! The normally golden, fluffy cornbread loaves were missing and in their place were 6 hard, loaves that looked more like burned pumpernickel than tasty corn.  WTF?  I called the store when I got in the house and of course, they didn’t answer.  I went to the website, submitted a complaint and you can guess where this story goes.

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I love their salads! My co-workers and I usually hit the one near my job once a week. I stay away from their sinful milkshakes and just stick to my salad. Normally, I get the chicken tenders salad. Got a little bored recently, so, I’ve been switching it up and asking to replace the chicken tenders with the spicy chicken breast instead. Cool. No problem, right? The spicy chicken breast actually costs less to purchase than the 3 pieces tenders that they place on the salad, so it’s actually a win for CFA.  Anyway, I’ve never had a problem with the new location at Eastpoint Mall in Baltimore (near my job) or the one in Laurel, MD (on my way home), but of course, the one in my hood, new location at Steeplechase in Capitol Heights, MD, had a big ole problem with this.

They gave me the wrong salad, got nasty about it, then demanded that I pay the full price for the salad with chicken tenders, and then pay the full price for a spicy chicken sandwich and they would switch it.  And, they were going to keep the chicken tenders.  Huh? So, I get one salad, pay for two meats and only receive one?  WTF?  No thanks. Keep that $10 fast food salad!   After visiting their site, CFA at least sent me a message saying that each CFA is independently owned and operated and that the proprietor would be calling me?  Oh yeah?  Been waiting a week for that call.  If anyone in the DMV knows Keith Singletary, tell him I’m waiting for my call!

If a business chooses not to take my concerns seriously, that means that you don’t value my money.  If you don’t care about the experience that I’ve had, then why should I return and continue to patronize your establishment.  Instead, I’ll share my story with others.  What ya’ll got?  What business has pissed you the heck off lately and not done anything to rectify the situation?


16 thoughts on “Craptastic Customer Service

  1. You know it’s so funny, I don’t think I ever use that ‘FB is the debbil’ saying on my blog. lol

    Trying to visual that homemade sign at The Avenue sent me into a serious fit of giggles.

    Reading the story about Chick-fil-A reminded me of an experience I had with Zaxby’s. They up and decided one day they would not prepare the food the way I requested no less that 10 times before. When I asked why the girl at the window said, “They said they are not doing it that way today”.
    Me, “Who is they?”
    Her, “the folks cooking the food”

    Word? Cool. I called and complained as well. That phone conversation just solidified that they were no longer worthy of my hard earned dollars. I ain’t been back since

    • You don’t use your own mantra???? *lol* Well, I love it and will use it (with credit, of course) often! LOL@ the cooks saying, Not today! Ain’t that some mess?

  2. I have recieved the most horrible service from Gundlach Plumbing in Richmond, VA. Yep, no periods there. They switched up the bills between me and someone else on our street once. The lady owed more than I owed them (and refused to pay b/c my toilet was still leaking AND I had to call out another plumbing contractor). They kindly reminded her that she still had a balance on the account. Why is it that I get a THREATENING letter about suing me for $113? For real! I’ve already reported them to the BBB for misrepresenting fees when I directly asked someone over the phone if they would charge me to come out to my house for a THIRD TIME. Just bogus.

  3. Craptacular Customer Service was born in Philly, trust me, LOL…you guys here in MD are getting off light, folks are so rude up that way it’ll make you try to put roots on folks! But yeah, you figure in a recession, people would be a lil more grateful to have a gig, but I guess not.

  4. Ukrop’s In Richmond VA .. They recently opened one in White Oak Village Mall. I have been there all of four times and everytime I go its like Im bothering them. I like what the heck mayne. To think that they are suppose to provide excellent service.

  5. Too funny @ If anyone in the DMV knows Keith Singletary, tell him I’m waiting for my call! That’s probably a call you will never receive. I think it was said to you out of courtesy. Many food businesses say this, thinking it will quell a situation involving customers.

    I haven’t really had a problem with any lately. But I can remember a time or two where myself and Applebee’s had problems over what I felt was “old” baby back ribs, warmed up and doused with a gang of BBQ sauce. They replaced ’em, but it had me ticked cause I was in a hurry.

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