Two Weeks? Geez!


Hey ya’ll!  Did two weeks really pass by so quickly???  I haven’t written a post in that long.  Well, that’s not true, I’ve written them, but I haven’t posted them.  Sorry!  I promise to  get back at ‘cha soon.  A few random things:

  • Why didn’t anybody tell me that the new season of Top Chef started on Wednesday night?  Thank goodness for Bravo airing the premiere episode a million times.  I DVR’ed it this morning.  I love that show!
  • Plaxico Burress?  Seriously?  2 years?  For shooting himself in the thigh.  Dante Stallworth – 30 days for plowing into and running over a man while drunk.   So, you actually receive more jail time for injuring yourself, than you do for killing another human being?  Wow.  Just, wow!
  • I’m loving my natural hair right now.  Thanks to a few quick tips from No Catch Phrase , I’ve got a nice, simple routine going that is giving me the look that I want.  Thanks again lady!
  • My BFF is coming up from ATL tomorrow to spend a week in the DMV!  I’m so excited to see her and my new goddaughter!!  YEAH!
  • A gas station that I frequent was robbed about 20 minutes after I gassed up last night!  The 2 fools that robbed it, shot the clerk and one elderly lady inside.  Whew, my angel must have been looking out!
  • I wonder if the time I spend on Facebook is affecting my desire to blog.  Hmmm…..must think about that.  I still haven’t joined Twitter and I refuse.  My internet time is precious and I can’t divide the few minutes I get to any more addictive sites!

Ya’ll have a great weekend and I’ll get back at this blogging thing next week.  I promise!


4 thoughts on “Two Weeks? Geez!

  1. Great!!! I’m pleased that you’re pleased! But if FB is keeping you from blogging then I’m going to have to ask you to put down the Mafia Wars and back away slowly, lol.

  2. Yeah, I had to put that Mafia Wars down so I could have time for something else.
    Umm…I’m still waiting on that Obesity post you’ve been promising. *Tapping fingers*

  3. Well that was a nice treat lady for a post. So the place got robbed huh…and people ask me why I’m so paranoid…’ish folks have lost their damn mind. What did the clerk or the elderly lady to to deserve that kind of treatment? Had it been me I would have popped open the register and asked can I leave please??

    A new goddaughter huh? Sweet! I know you didn’t mean DMV like the department of motor vehicles but that was still pretty funny for me to read it like that.

    Twitter….yes it’s a addictive but I’d be lying if I told you I didnt love it. I’m on facebook too but thats mostly for like family and co-workers and those that get a softer side of Go. Now twitter is where it all goes down…..

    Well I’ll be awaiting your return….



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