MrsTDJ on Obesity in America – The Trailer

angry woman shooting computerHey ya’ll!  I’ve been contemplating writing a post, or a series of posts, regarding being overweight and/or obese in America.  There have been discussions recently on one of my list serves, as well as 2 blogs that I frequent that have caused me to finally get writing.  I’ve been irritated, hurt, baffled and just downright pissed by the comments of many.  The contempt, disgust, mockery, insensitivity and ignorance that has been written regarding overweight/obese people has truly rendered me temporarily speechless.  MrsTDJ?  Speechless?  Inconceivable, no?  *lol*  Rather than respond/reply off the cuff, I’ve navigated away from those discussions.  So, over the weekend, I’ll be gathering my thoughts and articulating what I hope will be a cohesive post (or series) regarding the topic.  I hope you’ll check back in to read!


5 thoughts on “MrsTDJ on Obesity in America – The Trailer

  1. Hello. First time visitor. I think this is a topic certainly worth of discussion. With obesity being a problem with both the adults and youths in America. I’ll refrain from further comment until I read your full post. I’m going to go look around the site now. Check you later.

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