I Can “Defriend” Whoever I Want!

86436823Okay, so like most of you, Facebook aka Crackbook aka da’ book, has got me in its evil clutches.   I can only spend about an hour or so each night hitting da’ book, but I try to make it count.  I have a least 3 browser windows open so I can maintain my Mafia Wars game, check my inbox and read my newsfeed.  It’s a sickness.

Anyway, I have a friend from high school who I “defriended” last night.  She’s one of those folks that updates her status every 3 minutes and says nothing of any interest.  I had already hidden her from my news feed, but then she decided to send make contact with me every day – either by a wall to wall message, an inbox message or an instant message the second that I log onto “chat”.  Geez!  Before da’ book, we hadn’t spoken in about 16 years and now we need to talk every day?  NOT!  I don’t even talk to my BFF, Diamond Girl, everyday.  There’s no need! 

So, I mentioned to her how limited my time is, ya know 3+ hours a day commuting, taking care of a 4 month old, etc.  She didn’t catch it.  I let the nonsense go on until yesterday.  She sent me a Mafia Wars request with, “Since you play this, I thought we could play together”.  Really?  Then, she changed her avatar.  Not a big deal, right?  Wrong!  Shouldn’t matter at all to you TDJ?  Wrong.  She changed it to a scary, little white kitten.  Yick!  In case you are a new reader, TDJ truly has ailurophobia (the paralyzing fear of cats).  You can read all the gory details about my scary history with cats here.

That was the final nudge that I needed.  As of 11:51pm last night, she was defriended.  Oh well!  It’s my Facebook account and I can do what I want!


15 thoughts on “I Can “Defriend” Whoever I Want!

  1. Yes you can. I tried explaining to someone why I am never on facebook that much anymore. It started to irk me, that I needed to know when and why you go to the bathroom (Ewwwwwww). People I haven’t spoken to in years and family I didn’t even knew existed was hitting me up.

    I finally got fed up and back of for months. You would think that would have worked. WRONG! I started getting tons of emails, asking what happened to me. I deleted every single one, refused addition to be my friend and resisted the urge to tell them all to go fugg themselves and leave me alone. Yup! I feel you. It’s my account and I can do what I want and that includes not deactivating it……LOL

  2. I think I’m one of the rare few that has no interest in Facebook/Twitter. lol I rarely even check my Myspace account these days. Blogs are more my steelo.

  3. I don’t care much for facebook. My daughter said it was extreely addictive. For me, I just don’t get the status updates. Like twitter, I am not interested in knowing what folks are doing every second of the day. I say get rid of what offends you.

  4. I have a few FB stalkers and they are about to get unfriended & blocked. I’m with you, do what you want.

    Note to self…*let Socks, the cat, play outside when TDJ comes…put note on fridge*

  5. I just can’t seem to get into FB like that. I go on there probably once every two weeks or when someone sends me a friend request. I don’t think I have the attention span for it

  6. I’m at close to 500 friends on facebook and for as long as I’ve been on, I’ve only had to delete one person. Turned out that he was spying on me for someone else who I wasn’t friends with (long story). Other than that, I have no problem. Then again, I only go up there for Mafia Wars. Other than that, I just check it from my phone.

  7. LOL…I hate cats too. I’ve been wanting to defriend a couple of people, but I just haven’t done it for fear it would appear too rude. Now, I’m not usually so sensitive to stuff like that, but for some reason it’s different with crackbook. You’ve inspired me, lol

  8. HA! I love that you said this. I’ve slowly defriended people who’ve friended me because (pick one) we know someone mutually, I knew them in HS and hadn’t spoken to them since and just hit ignore on some recent requests. Im all for “we are not who we were in HS” I am a perfect ex. of that, but there are some people from my before life that I don’t want to see in my now life. And don’t get me started on Twit.ter. I don’t get it. Now some people are genuinely interesting BUUUUT what about those twits that are in response to someone else’s twit? It could really be funny/intersting, but I don’t have time to do all that back and forth.

    I won’t lie though, I do check Maxwell’s twitter. 🙂

  9. Roflmao…yeah, I tried to avoid fb for a long time. I deleted my acct within weeks of putting it up and keep getting messages asking me to come back from fb! I logged in one day and realized I could still get in…how is this? (acct deleted? NOT!) Now I actually like it…I haven’t gotten bored just yet…but I’m sure I will eventually…I have 2 blogs up about fb, the good and the bad….lol…

  10. I KNOW that’s right! I’ve defriended some folks. If they say the N word in their status? Delete. Grow the hell up. If what they are saying on their status updates is just IGNANT? Delete. I don’t want to be associated with that mess. HOWEVER, I’m finding it hard to defriend my S/O. Hehe…He says some things sometimes that make me just shame my head.

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