A Little of This and A Little of That

84440732Hey blogland!  I hope that the unofficial arrival of Summer has brought a smile to your faces.  Things are pretty good over here.  I’ve got one million and one thoughts floating around my head, but none are substantial enough to blog about.  Here’s a few random thoughts:

  • I like dresses!  Seems kinda silly to say, but for those that have known me longer than a year or two, I’m sure you’re sitting there with open mouth shock.  *lol*  Hush!  I like them and I’ll be buying more to wear this summer, so ha!
  • I thoroughly enjoyed myself this past Saturday for a ladies tea that was organized by one of my uber-faboulous friends, Monnie.  Being in the company of some many beautiful, talented and intelligent women makes we feel wonderful!  My little dude and I weren’t able to stay very long, but we loved the time that we did spend with “the fancy folks”
  • I park in secure lot at work that requires you to swipe your badge to both enter and exit.  Why, oh why, don’t people have their damn badges out and ready when they get to the badge box????  It’s the same process, EVERYDAY.  Save us all a few minutes and have your badge ready!
  • I receive coupons in the mail and to my email inbox at least twice a week from Huggies.  What a shame since the Little Dude’s tush only gets covered in Pampers.  Anybody need coupons for Huggies?
  • I’ve had the same Motorolla RazR V3 cell phone for almost 4 years.   All I need to do is talk and text.  Never had a problem, don’t use the camera and never desired my cell phone to do or be more.  Until now.  I’ve gone and got myself addicted to Facebook aka Crackbook and said addiction is blocked at work.  Oh, the horror of not knowing what is going on with my friends and of being robbed by ruthless Mafia War bandits ALL DAY!!  So, yours truly will be investing in a Blackberry aka Crackberry to access Crackbook.  I’m almost ashamed.  Almost.
  • I’ll be visiting the family in NY in about 6 weeks and I’m EXCITED.  Our last trip was a short one in October and it’s long overdue.  They claim they are all excited to see me too, but I think it’s more about Little Dude.  Mr. Personality made an impression during his Easter trip to NY without me and they’ve been counting the days until July 4th.
  • The drama with our fence and my displeasure with the Prince George’s Police Department is growing exponentially with each passing day.  This deserves it’s own post, so check back for that at a later date.
  • My current favorite snack is Blue Diamond Almonds, Jalapeno Smokehouse flavor.  Delicious, low in bad fat, high in good fat and a good amount of protein.  Love them!
  • Music that’s moving me right now is Algebra Blessett, Conya Doss, Ledisi, Laura Izibor and Vivian Green.  There is music on 24/7 – in my house, in the car, on the Ipod when working out, etc.  I grew up in a house where music could be heard constantly and I’ve kept it up.
  • The birthday’s of both my parents are within 2 weeks of Mother’s and Father’s Day.  Kinda sucks in regards to the budget, but I am blessed to have them both around.

Have a good week everyone!  I’ll be checking on each of ya’ll!


2 thoughts on “A Little of This and A Little of That

  1. Dresses are my favorite too. Can’t imagine life without them. I also love almonds….I’ll have to try the Blude Diamond Jalapenos ones.

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