Never Without My Wedding Rings

Hey Blog World! What’s the haps in your neck of the woods? All is well around these parts. So much on my mind and no clear direction, so I’ll drop a few short posts with some things that I’ve been thinking.

In July 2007, I underwent gastric bypass surgery and since that time I have lost over 150 pounds. I am happy with my decision to undergo surgery and my life has been better in the last year than I could ever have imagined. That’s not the point of this post though. *lol* So, since I lost so much weight, my engagement and wedding rings are much too big now. However, every time that I’ve take them in to get sized, my fingers are at least 1/4 size smaller than they were the last time. The jeweler asked how much weight I’d be losing and if it was more than 50 pounds, then I should wait to get then cut down then.

So, since about February of this year, I’ve been wearing both rings on my necklace. Not my preferred location, but I felt that this was better than nothing. Well, now that I’m pregnant (and showing), I feel a very strong need to wear them on my hand. This is not a rant or judgment against people who choose to have children out of wedlock. Everyone makes a choice for their life, but I chose to wait until I was married to have a child. I’m married and pregnant, and I’d like the world to see both. I was raised by strong parents who showed me through example that within the bounds of a healthy marraige, raising children together could be a fantastic experience. My husband and I are approaching our 4th wedding anniversary in September and I’m excited about it.

My grandmother made a statement a few weeks after learning that I was having a child. She said to me, “I love all my great grands, Lord knows I do. But, there is something really special about the child that you and Mr. TDJ are having cause ya’ll done it the right way. You got married, ya’ll bought a house and now you’re having a baby. Yes Lord, there is certainly something special about that.”

Her words made me stop, think and agree with her. So, sure, you can call me conservative, traditional, self-righteous or any other adjective that you feel applies. I’ll just call myself, Mrs. TDJ, the married, smiling, pregnant woman.


12 thoughts on “Never Without My Wedding Rings

  1. Hey lady, it’s been quite a while. Preciate you remembering me and stopping by my spot.

    Congrats on the weight loss and pregnancy.

    In my pic tales post, I have a picture of the Adinkra symbol for I Shall Marry you which I’ll have inked on my ring finger when I’m blessed to be married again. I think it will be a great symbol for the occasions where I may not have my ring on.


  2. This is my first time coming by. Congrats on the surgery and I’m glad to hear that you are doing well. That’s the main thing!

  3. Well lawdy the missing done turned up again! I had to check the profile when that comment showed up this morning!

    Guess I don’t have to ask how Pork Chops and Gravy is doing huh?

    And don’t be sensitive about the ring thing. If you wanna brag, then brag. You have done things to be proud of. You don’t need adjectives.

    What you NEED to do is post! Now don’t get me started…

  4. Congrats on the pregnancy!! What a special time.

    If you want to wear your rings on your finger, I say go for it. However, if you continue to wear them around your neck, that’s okay as well. The great thing, agreeing with the secondsixyeight, is that you’ve DONE things to be proud of, and even more special you’ve made grandma proud…that to me is better than any silent accolades that a stranger who sees your rings on the finger can give you. 🙂 I’ve checked out some other posts..I like, I like. I hope you blog through the pregnancy, it’ll be soooo special!

  5. Married, smiling, pregnant and FABULOUS! If the rings don’t fit – buy eplacements! You have every right to be proud, smug, or whatever folks want to call doing the right thing.

    Uh are you invisible too? We need to see you soon maybe for brunch?

  6. Hey, I lost 60 pounds before getting pregnant with my first. Try first aid tape on your rings. You will have to change it out often, but it works and is more comfortable the regular tape.

  7. I have the opposite problem: swelling has caused my ring to not fit. So I had this great idea to put my ring up so that when I stop swelling I’ll know where it is. Well, thanks to pregnancy brain, I can’t remember where I put my ring. No clue. I wrote a whole blog about it and the looks my poor ring wearing hubby gets when he’s out with me. LOL! But I understand how you feel. Congrats on your pregnancy.

  8. You have every reason to be smiling, and the world needs to see it!

    Happy Anniversary and congratulations on the weight loss and the pregnancy!

  9. Amen, sista! How wonderful for you with all the blessings! Coming from the daughter of a jeweler for over 20 years, I’d wait until all the dust settles and you are at your consistent weight before getting those rings cut down as it is a more pricey process than upsizing. Get it done by someone reputable too (preferably where it was purchased) because i’ve personally experienced jewelers who take in rings for repair and steal the diamonds out of them and replace them with fakes so just beware. Also, jewelry stores sell ring guards that can keep the ring on your finger if it’s just a few sizes too big. If you buy gold ones, they can cost alittle more or you can go to Claires or one of those cheapy jewelry/accessory stores and find clear plastic ones that work great for like $5. They have assorted sizes in the bag.

  10. This is my first visit to your blog. But I think I am hooked. I think that is awesome that you did things the “right way”. I am waiting until I am married to have kids also, but my bf has a daughter so I get the disapproving looks anyway. Ahh well.

  11. Congrats too you!!! I had my surgery April of 2003 THE BEST THING I could have done for myself.

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