Pork Chops and Gravy Coming in Janaury 2009

Hey blogworld! What it be like folks? All is well here and I hope the same is true for all of you. I’ll be in the house all weekend this weekend, so I’m hoping to catch up on all of your blogs. Let me share a brief conversation that my husband and I had with my grandmother this past weekend.

Hubby: Hey Grandma! How are you?
LuLu: Hey baby. I’m just fine. How ya feeling?
Hubby: I’m good. Guess what? We’ve got some news.
LuLu: Something new? What?
Hubby: We’re having a baby!
LuLu: Ya’ll are making gravy?
Hubby: No, Grandma, a baby.
LuLu: What kind of gravy?
Hubby: No, Grandma, listen. TDJ is pregnant and we’re having a baby.
LuLu: Pork chops and gravy? I don’t make so much no more.

A frustrated TDJ grabs the phone from hubby.

TDJ: LuLu, listen.
LuLu: I’m listening to Mr. TDJ talk about ya’lls dinner.
TDJ: LuLu, no really, really listen and pay attention.
LuLu: **sighing** Ok, go ‘head.
TDJ: I’m pregnant and we are having a baby.
LuLu: A baby? Oh my word. So why is Mr. TDJ wasting time talking about gravy?

That woman keeps me laughing. She’s never trying to be funny, but I think that’s why I get such a kick out of her comedy. And of course, my husband’s new nickname for our little blessing is “Pork Chop”.


13 thoughts on “Pork Chops and Gravy Coming in Janaury 2009

  1. LMAO @ Granny. AKA LuLu The Great!

    Congrats!!!! Hell of a way to make an announcement! I bet that gravy was good too! “Pork Chop” is the nickname my wife gave to my nephew. It is really funny when she yells it at his football games, since he is 16 and a “star”. You can see him wince and pointedly ignore the stands…

    Hope y’all have such fun too!

  2. @ 68 and Sales D – HUSH!! *lol* I promise to TRY posting regular like.

    Thanks for the congrats! We’re super excited!

  3. Lawd to the mercies! You actually posted!? I can barely believe it. Congratulations on the little pork chop. I love the Grandma LuLu stories.

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