I Love Other People’s Kids!


I’ve truly missed ya’ll!

This thing called life has been a bit rocky for me over the last few months, and as much as I love blogging, I couldn’t make the time to write. And, I haven’t read any of my fellow bloggers thoughts in just as many months. I’ll be slowly catching up and I hope to never disappear for so long again!

So many thoughts to share, but I’ll just tell you a quick story about my 5 year old cousin Egypt. Egypt is 5, going on 25. My mom has one sister, Sherry, and Egypt is Sherry’s granddaughter. My mom is one of Egypt’s godmother’s and she spends weeks at a time here in Maryland.

Egypt had been at my mom’s house since February 16 and she had been giving me the blues every day for not coming to visit her. She was returning to NY on 24. I work in Baltimore, about 15 minutes from my mother’s house. And, Egypt knows that if I’m at work, that means I am close. So, on Tuesday, she called me at work. This was our conversation:

Me: Good afternoon, This is TDJ.
Egypt: TDJ, when are you coming over?
Me: Hi Egypt. I’ll be over tomorrow after work.
Egypt: Ok, are we going to play Barbie and hula hoops?
Me: *laughing* Sure Egypt. We can play whatever you want.
Egypt: Ok, I gotta go. Kim Possible is on.
Me: Bye dear. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Alright, so after a long work day on Wednesday, I wasn’t too keen on the idea of driving across town to see them, then heading an hour home to P.G. County. So, I didn’t go. I called from the car, but got the voicemail. On Thursday, I called to say that I would just come over Friday after work. Egypt repeated the word “tomorrow” 4 times and made me promise.

Well, we had a little ice storm here in the DC region overnight and I didn’t go to work Friday. I thought maybe that if the weather cleared, I’d still take a ride to Baltimore, but the lazy bones kicked in and I stayed in my pjs all day watching recorded shows on my DVR box.

At 6:15pm, my home phone rings. I see my mother’s number on the caller i.d. and grab the phone expecting to hear her voice. Not so lucky.

Me: Hello?
Egypt: TDJ, why aren’t you here?
Me: Hey Egypt, I’m sorry. There was ice and snow today, so I didn’t go anywhere.
Egypt: But, you promised.
Me: I know. I’m sorry. I’ll come tomorrow.
Egypt! Ugh! But tomorrow is today!
Me: Huh?
Egpyt: Yesterday, you told me that you would tomorrow. So, tomorrow is today and you’re not here
Me: *giggling to myself* Ok, no matter what, I’ll come tomorrow.
Egypt: Ok, you better. And bring some money.
Me: Money? Money for what?
Egypt: Auntie bought me a lemonade stand and I sell lemonade.
Me: Uh, ok, how much money? Ten cents. (thinking to myself that I’d her a
quarter for a sample of fake lemonade)
Egypt: **laughing** No way! One dollar bill
Me: For fake lemonade?
Egypt: Well, it’s fake lemonade, but I only take real dollars.

Folks, I was speechless for a few seconds and then I cracked up laughing. Kids, gotta love ‘em. See ya’ll soon!

8 thoughts on “I Love Other People’s Kids!

  1. LOL!!! Children are wonderful!!!

    I have all kinds of stories about my newphew…he’s only 7, sharp as a tac and smart as a whip and a COMEDIAN to boot! That’s my baby!

  2. tomorrow is today! lol
    Egypt sounds like a gem…I love kid, wait let me rephrase..good kid stories 🙂

  3. Never make promises we can’t keep!

    She is on top of her game in every way!

    Tomorrow is today. Wow. I guess she told us! 🙂

  4. Hi there. Thanks for visiting my blog. I see we’re not the only ones commuting to Baltimore. I commute from Anne Arundel County.

    Your little cousin is something else. Little kids won’t let adults off the hook. *lol*

  5. That sure was a short return! Where you at now? Do I have to wait for August 11 for the next post?

    And when am I gonna get to talk smack about football and CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!

    Huh? When?

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