2 Wins in a Row

Go DC Divas!! This past Saturday, the Divas faced a tough opponent in the NY Sharks. But, after being down 14-0, they rallied to win the game, 20-14. I told ya’ll ‘dem girls was BAD!


5 thoughts on “2 Wins in a Row

  1. I love that you’re so into sports and you know what you’re talking about. I, on the other hand can’t tell a hole in one from a home run. When I grow up I want to be just like you!

  2. Chalk up a loss for that next game! Go Demolition!!!!!! Only two losses in franchise history! Ain’t no Diva’s about to mess that up!

  3. Smack talking aside. Now that I look at it, I guess the NWFA is probably glad that the Demolition and Divas moved to IWFL! Now somebody else can win that championship!

  4. To (the second sixty-eight)..last time the Demolition played the Divas they played a team with sort of run oriented style, while this time you will see a Divas team that has 3 running backs that can create issues for Detroit..by the way one is not Donna “the Animal” Wilkerson #33,she has moved to the defensive side as a linebacker although she has played some sparely, along with that move they have a deep receiving core. In a defense that will shut you down. So
    you might say Bye Bye DTOWN dominance.

  5. Guess I better dig into my plate of crow. TWO DANG POINTS!!!! My feelings are so hurt. First the Red Wings, then the Pistons punk out, and now this…

    Ah well…GO SHOCK!!! See you guys in the playoffs!

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