A Big Soft Shell Crab

Hey blog family! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a minute. Late winter into spring is the busiest time of the work year for me. I haven’t had blog block, but I have started about 10 entries and not followed through. Why, you ask? Well, ya’ll didn’t ask, but I’m gonna tell ya’ll anyway. Ya girl was in her feelings. Yep, yours truly had her feelings hurt in writing class last Monday night. I should have just blogged about it then and got it off my chest and out of my mind, but being the Cancer (July baby!) that I am, I internalized and contemplated and debated myself and questioned my feelings and subsequent reaction to the situation. I’m better now, but I still figured I should write about it.

Basically, I was prepared for all the constructive criticism (and I got some really good feedback), but I was unsure how to interpret the comments that my teacher made. So, instead of speaking to her, one on one, ya girl (moi!) retreated into her shell and played the role of the mortally wounded for a few days. Finally, after much gentle prodding from a couple of people close to me, I had decided to call my teacher. I knew that if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to focus completely in class. Well, I didn’t have to call her. We crossed paths on Gmail/Google Talk and we got everything worked out. Bottom line, she thinks I’m brilliant! Ok, maybe not brilliant, but she did say that I had talent and she gave me some specific advice and suggestions on how to elevate my novel. The whole experience reminded me of high school. I was pretty smart, but from time to time, I liked to lay in the cut and only exert a minimum amount of energy. Met a teacher that called me on my crap and pushed me harder than any other teacher I’ve ever had before. At the end of the day, she challenged and encouraged me. That’s what I’m feeling now with my teacher. Yippee!

My reaction to the whole situation kinda surprised me. I mean, really. I ain’t no punk! *LOL* Those that know me in the real world can voice that I’m straight NY, mixed with just a bit of Southern charm. But, beneath my tough exterior (crab like shell), ya girl is a big ole marshmallow. Most people never get through the shell. I don’t offend easily and I don’t get hurt easily, but if you slip through the shell, I melt into a big ball of sensitivity.

So, let me ask ya’ll – Do you pay any attention to Zodiac signs? Know anyone born under the sign of Cancer, June 21-July 22? Have you ever let someone outside your family and friends hurt your feelings? If so, how did you react? Did you confront the person or just let it go?

8 thoughts on “A Big Soft Shell Crab

  1. My mommy is a Cancer – July 9! As far as anyone hurting my feelings, it’s been done before, hate to say it, but mostly by men. I’ve always confronted them and then they tell me that I’m reading too much into what they said. Naw…I heard exactly what you said. You’re just mad that I called you on it. LOLOLOL!

  2. I’m a Cancer through and through (June 22). It’s who I am, love it or leave it.

    As for hurt feelings, that’s the nature of a Cancer, we are sensitive. I’ve learned how to deal with it and I now put other people’s comments and opinions in perspective or I’ve learned to deflect them. All I can say is thank goodness for experience, a good cry, and the handful of people who understand us. 🙂

  3. Glad you ended up with such a good result/reaction from your teacher.

    I’m a Pisces to the core, but I try to front and act like I’m not a sensitive person. It gets me in trouble every time, but being that way has allowed me some interesting learning experiences to say the least.

  4. I pay attention to zodiac signs to an extent. I’m a Leo and sometimes I do find myself acting like a Leo. Your post made me think of my two good friends of mine who are Cancers. I’m always teasing them and calling them “hyper-sensitive” or “tender.” Cancers seem to feel things deeply… And I guess me being the typical loud-mouth Leo makes me point it out. LOL.


  5. whew.. I’m a 2 headed gemini and depending on the day I’m emotional or a hard ass heffa!!! LOL

    My son is a cancer and he is very hard on the outside but if you get to him… OOOH LOL that’s why I won’t let any girls near him LOL

  6. @ Tndr – *lol* Yep, you were probably getting exactly what they were saying.

    @ Angie – Hey Cancer Sis!

    @ Creole – Don’t worry – I have you on speed dial for when we need to roll on somebody.

    @ Tasha – A Pisces huh? Very complex lady.

    @ Gwyneth – Leo can be a little tough, especially to us Cancer’s.

    @ BK – at least you know who you are. I hope folks around you know how to prepare for “both” of you. And yes, protect that baby of yours.

  7. I’m a big ‘ole Cancer (July 16th) and I am sensitive but I’ve learned to let things go over the years. I’ve also learned to come out confront people when I felt it wasn’t something I could ignore. That was hard for me because I tend to internalize a lot of things.

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