Everything and Nothing

Hey folks! I’ve been a bad blogger lately, hence the week long lag between posts. It seems like there’s a bit of everything and a whole lotta nothing going on with me. *lol* I’ve been working hard on a homework assignment for my writing class. I haven’t been visiting my normal blogs, but I’ll catch up this weekend. A few thoughts:

  • At my job, I work with a group of co-workers called, The Human Relations Committee. We sponsor events like the annual field day picnic, angel trees during the holidays, coat and book drive for local shelters and community centers, etc. One of my responsibilities is to create the display board, acknowledging “the month” – February/Black History, March/Women’s History, etc. So, this morning, I ask the Graphics Arts Dude (GAD) to make a title banner for Black History Month. He brought me a banner in Times New Roman font, black letters and no border. Huh? Uh, yeah, GAD, I could have done that. So I asked him what’s up? Normally the banners he give me are great. Fun fonts, with creative borders, etc. He says, “Well, someone came by after last month’s display and suggested that I used a plainer font. They thought that someone might take offense and consider the fonts too ethnic.” WTF? Since when do fonts have an ethnic component? I rolled my eyes and walked away.
  • I just don’t know what to make of this case. Not sure if it made national news, so I’ll summarize. A young woman, Sintia Mesa, lived in the DC Metro area and traveled to Baltimore every Friday for her personal appointments (hair and nails). The original reports were that she was missing and the family made pleas for her safe return. She had a sweet smile and an innocent face. Unfortunately, she was found murdered in the trunk of her car. Damn. Another tragic death. Then more of the story began to emerge. Hmm, maybe Ms. Mesa wasn’t so innocent. Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. I didn’t wish the young lady harm, nor do I think that anyone deserves to be murdered. However, the facts of the case are a bit on the shady side (a boyfriend, an arrest, drugs, money in a storage unit, tracking devices, the ATF, etc). I’d like to get to the bottom of the story.
  • It’s 11:15pm and there ain’t a lick of snow or ice on the ground. Why are 2 DC Charter Schools closed tomorrow because of “inclement conditions”? That’s what the news anchor just said. Call me Stevie Wonder, cause I can’t see it.
  • So far, I’ve met 3 local DC bloggers: Creole Princess, TenderHeart and Honest. Great, great ladies that I really enjoyed meeting. Based on the local folks that I read, I think it would be interesting to meet Bklyn Diva, The Hostess, LaBella Noire, Fresh, Thinking and Enigma. Their blogs amuse me and/or make me think. I hope this isn’t interpreted as blog sweating or stalking. *lol* These folks just give me the “sane, cool peeps vibe”. And now, I’ve clearly given them the “crazy woman” vibe.
  • Why am I hooked on watching “A Different World” in reruns? I think I’ve seen every single episode at least 5 times and I still look forward to them.

  • The marketing campaign for the Cartoon Networks, “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” and the overanxious folks in Boston gave me the best laugh of the week. This deserves an 80’s throwback – CHILL OUT!!
  • I’m normally a pretty tech savvy person, but I’m having the damnedest time figuring out how to add a Blog Roll to my page. *lol* Can somebody who has mastered that in Blogger help ya girl out? Thanks in advance!

I’ll talk to ya’ll later!


13 thoughts on “Everything and Nothing

  1. Yes, I believe it, banners/boards being too ethnic. The news is inundated with racist remarks and innuendoes about all nationalities. We’re becoming over sensitive about things we usually could have expressed freely before. Get ready for more! Moreover, I’m not sure how to move forward with this issue either.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. All the best to you on your writing assignment.

  2. I’m with you, TDJ. That whole Sinita Mesa case took a crazy turn and I just want to know what really went on and even if what went on is true. (you know how the media can get).

    And don’t worry, I don’t think you’re blog sweating or stalking….yet… LOL. Nah, I appreciate the love…

  3. @ Rosemarie – I agree. We are getting too sensitive and I think that our creativity and self-expression is being killed.

    @ Fresh – Exactly! Give me the real deal. I have to say – working in B’more, I’m getting way more “details” than the DC media is giving. Don’t know if that’s good or bad. *lol* Thanks for confirming me as a stalker in training. 🙂

  4. I’m hooked on “A Different World” reruns too. If I turn on the TV and happen to catch one of those back to back to back marathons, the rest of the day is shot. I have no idea how to explain this addiction, because I have seen every episode lots of times too.

    As for your blog roll, can I tell you it took me forever to figure out how to do it. And I can’t really explain the “how to.” What I ended up doing was going to the template and using the “Goggle News” link that’s on all the blogs as a sample and adding my links under it, just replacing the info. See… that probably won’t help you.

  5. Since when do fonts have an ethnic component?
    Lol. There are no words. I would have told him I want a better banner. End of story.

    I am going to go read that story about that girl found in her trunk.

  6. too ethnic huh? meanwhile dang near every non black child wants to be or act like black kids and it’s okay? everything we have it taken and used in white media to sell their products, but they dont see that right? gimme a freakin break.

    stories like Sinita are all too common I’m afraid.

  7. @ Gwyneth and Uaint – That damn show is addicting! I watch em over and over and over…..

    @ MizJJ – I almost did, but I can’t speak through my irritation.

    @ Blu – Isn’t it tragic? It’s a sad cycle that all too many of our young women are falling into.

  8. @angie & TDJ- When I switched over to beta blogger they have a build in template that allows you to put in a blog roll.

    1. I’ve fallen in love again with the cosby show. I seen each episode countless times but shows like The Cosby Show and A Different World never grow old.

    2. I like always.funky.fresh a lot also. He seems like the type of guy who will keep you in stiches from his stories. LaBellaNoire is another blogger I would like to meet too. The few stories she has written about conversations she has had with her mother are so funny.
    3. The story with Messa is troublesome. I think she was a preety girl chasing after the wrong man(thug/drugdealer). Somebody close to her boyfriend killed her because they wanted the money she was holding for her boyfriend.

  9. The “Bottom of the story” regarding Sintia is that you:

    1. Don’t know her, her boyfriend or how she REALLY lived her life beyond what you swallow from media reports and Baltimore gossip…

    2. If you’ve heard so much, why don’t you do something useful like go to the police with that same info so that our beloved Sintia (and yes she was an angel on earth) can truly rest in peace. You disgust me.

  10. @ Anonymous – Obviously you have a strong opinion regarding this case. Remember that’s all that it is, your opinion. We’ve all got the right to have one. Check out my post “Freedom to Disagree”

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