Did I Miss Something?

I think I’m pretty well connected to the world around me. My cell is on during the ride to work. I have email accounts with yahoo, hotmail and gmail. Then of course I have email and a fax machine at work. I always check the text messages on my phone. Once I get home, I empty the mailbox and read all the contents. Once in the house, I check the phone for messages. I read the Washington Post and CNN daily. Most days I watch the local news and the national evening news. I keep a calendar with all the important events, meetings and community functions that I’m scheduled to attend.

So, with all those ways of getting my attention, how in the hell did I miss the memo? Where was I when the email came through saying that I’m not supposed to like Beyonce? How’d I miss the call to tell me that she really isn’t that pretty? Did my fax eat the memo declaring that she’s untalented? Did my Razr phone delete the text message must telling me to boycott Dreamgirls because she’s in it? Did my husband forget to tell me that we were invited to attend a Pop Culture Voting party to decide how we felt about B?

Everyone has the right to their opinion. And it seems that the popular opinion of the moment is to not like Beyonce. She overrated, she doesn’t sing that well, her performances are average, her acting is laughable, her body is odd shaped, why is she dating Jay-Z, House of Derion clothes are ugly, etc. I happen to like Miss Beyonce.

Argh! Don’t stone me! I can like her and I’m not afraid to say it. I don’t think she’s the next coming of Aretha Franklin or Whitney Houston, but who says she has to be? She’s more talented than the foolishness that is Cierra or Cassie. I like Beyonce’s youthful energy, her live performances are wonderful and her voice is becoming stronger. She’s shown a bit of business savvy (or surrounding herself with folks who make her look it) by starting her clothing line (I hear that a cosmetics line is on the way). I commend the marketing and public relations team who work for her and Sony, because they are doing one hell of job keeping her out there. From music to movies, from magazines to television appearances, from her current search for female dancers to simply being photographed while shopping, they keep that young lady in our faces. Ahha! Maybe that’s it. Ya’ll are seeing so much of her that you’ve had enough? I guess that would make the assumption that at one point you actually liked her, but oversaturation has dulled your ardor. Hmm, kinda like saying that I liked my husband alot, but once we moved in together, I was seeing him too much and now I’ve had enough. Crazy, but I guess it happens. *lol*

To hear folks tell it, Beyonce can’t sing, dance, act, walk, talk or chew gum. Wow! All those opinions over little ole B? I guess that means she has really made it. If the public can’t stop talking about ‘cha, baby, you’re a star!

(photo courtesy of Ms. YBF)


21 thoughts on “Did I Miss Something?

  1. I think what bothers most is that she is always, always in the camera..which is good in some ways and then you’re like dnag I just saw oh girl LOL…but hey she’s doing what she gotta do to make money..and personally I commend her…she’ll be able to retire before I can LOL

  2. I wholeheartedly agree. I love B. In fact, I’ve started to appreciate her more with her newest CD. I just think people are jealous. I mean who else are we supposed to like. Britney?! I DON’T THINK SO!!!

  3. I LOVE Beyonce’s song “Listen” off of B’Day. I admit, some days she irks the hell out of me, but the girl IS talented and is beautiful. I loved the first CD better than the current one. However, I do rock the mess out of Get Me Bodied on my way to work in the mornings! Honestly, I have a love/hate relationship with Miss B, but she cool for the most part! LOL!

  4. Thanks for stopping by to see me as I’m always happy when I see a new face/name.

    I neither like nor dislike Beyonce. It seems like I can’t get away from seeing her, which lessens my interest in her or anyone for that matter. My two cents is that I like some of the songs she’s put out. Her acting, well, needs some work; but she’s not an actor by trade, so naturally she’s not top at that.

    I say whatever to whomever, like you ya like and I’ll do the same.

  5. @ Honey – Yep, girlie could retire today, invest well and live nice for the rest of her natural years.

    @ Creole – AMEN!! 🙂

    @ CharlieMackG – I agree! Her first CD have a few some I like, but this one really hit a “party” button in me and I love it.

    @ Tndr – Gurl, Get Me Bodied is my SONG! I especially like the corny extended version at the end of the CD where she brings up all the old school dances! *lol* I make my little Passat rock from side to side!

    @ Blu, Honey, CharlieM and AFAW – Thanks for visiting!! Come back soon!

  6. Folks love, love hating on someone who is in the spotlight and folks also have a habit of following the crowd so when a few people hate on Ms. Beyonce the haters who probably never even thought about it are suddenly jumping on the bandwagon. Don’t get me wrong everyone is entitled to their own opinion but people need to step back and evaluate what their opinion is based on.

  7. I ain’t mad at her. Hell, if I could do it I would too and I’d welcome the hate–just means folks are paying attention.

  8. I’m not a Beyonce fan by any means but you can’t deny the facts. There aren’t any R&B (see: black) singers today with a stronger voice than hers. None. How can you hate on someone who strengthened their voice by singing while she ran? No matter how you feel about her popularity, her hits aren’t just hits, they are actually quality songs. And she’s fine to boot. Even though I am pissed that her curves have been MIA since ’04, I’m not one to tell someone else how they should look.

  9. I like her too **avoiding the stones to** but as you said she is NOT going to be the next Retha or Whitney…..but she has a stage presence and a decent voice. So I am with you, she’s a whole HELLUVA lot better than the Cierra’s and Cassies!

  10. I agree with your post. Your opening was so funny! I missed the memo too girl! It’s like Beyonce is the new Oprah. And you know how folks hate on her (something I don’t understand.) I think B has been seen as a bad person and a villan because of the drama surrounding the early ouster of those two original Destiny Child members. But I say let bygones be bygones. B. deserves all the success she gets. She’s beautiful and extremely talented. Her live performances are the bomb and so are her songwriting skills. (I ain’t gonna lie…back in the day when she wrote Independent Woman and Survivor — I was walking around playing and singing those songs like they were my personal anthems!!!) The girl is only in her mid-20s so give her a break. The acting will come with time and we’ve already seen her grow stronger as a singer and she will continue to do so. Heck the girl invented a new word (bootylicious) that is now in the dictionary and forever in the American lexicon. Now how many folks can say they invented a word???? How can she not be baaaad????? I think a lot of it is folks are just jealous of her success. But my thing is you gotta go for whatever it is you want in life! That’s always preferred to sitting back and then hating on people who do. I say hats off to B. May she continue to sing, act and dance circles around everyone else!

    (Clearly I’ve given this way too much thought. I need a pop culture intervention! 🙂 Hee!!!

  11. @ Angie – AMEN!

    @ Hostess – Yeah girl, they could hate on me too! *lol*

    @ Jarrod – I didn’t know that about her running and singing, but I have noticed the improvements in her voice.

    @ Robyn – Careful! The haters throw pretty well!

    @ Michelle – We may need an intervention together!

    @ Jarrod, Robyn & Michelle – Thanks for stopping by!

  12. People KILL me with this one. Just kinda “argued” with someone this weekend about Beyonce.

    My thing is this. She’s always classy looking, she respects her parents, is very family oriented, ain’t on drugs, not flashing her private parts getting out of cars, not partying 24/7, etc. etc. Shouldn’t people see her as a talented, respectful young lady she is?

    Why? Seriously…why?

  13. I think a (talented) celebrity that wants to have many many years in entertainment must take breaks. I don’t think any celeb has been able to withstand media oversaturation. I think its just a part of a fan base that likes to ride the next best and new wave.

  14. I don’t have a problem with her. I’m not her biggest fan but I’m not mad cause she’s doing her thing and she’s doing it in a respectable way. Whatever.

  15. I just read that private parts comment. Ya’ll ain’t seen the pics of Beyonce’s panty-free, private parts as she exited a muscle car in a teeny skirt? I think it was some sorta car show/red carpet type event. It was on the internet and sent out in emails.

    Had the media decided Beyonce was the villian of the pop world, her private parts might have gotten media similiar to Britney.

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