No Photoshop Needed

Ok, so I’ve changed my picutre/avatar. The original avatar that I used was from Yahoo and I selected it because I thought the outfit was cute. This morning one of my girlfriends, let’s call her CSI, looked at the blog for the first time and said: “Who’s that skinny white girl?” *LOL* Uh, that’s supposed to me be!

So, in an effort to choose a picture that’s more representative of my beautiful, big girl curves, I’ve changed to the pic you now see. It was in the “Apperance” section of Yahoo Avatars, under “Plus Sizes.” Well, yeah, it’s bigger than the teeny weeny girls, but real Plus Size it’s not.

Anyway, CSI and I laughed about it because we are both beautiful, sexy, plus sized women. Never have it said that I tried to hide behind a skinny pic! *lol*
Reference the side pic and add 100 lbs! 🙂


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