Then and Now Meme

In an effort to get my creative juices flowing and let ya’ll get to know me a little better, I snagged this off the site of some fellow bloggers:

Then aka 1996 AND Now aka 2006

1) How old were you?

THEN: 20

NOW: 30

2) Where did you work?

THEN: As a student, at a big university in Virginia *lol*

NOW: For a federal agency

3) Where did you live?

THEN: Medium town, Virginia

NOW: Northeast Washington, DC

4) How was your hairstyle?

THEN: My hair was just past my shoulders and being the typical college girl, I usually rocked a ponytail

NOW: Cut it recently and it’s a little longer than Halle Berry

5) Did you wear contacts?

THEN: Nope

NOW: Nope

6) Did you wear glasses?

THEN: I owned some, but I could never find ’em to wear ’em

NOW: Yep, still need ’em for driving

7) Who was your crush?

THEN: My then boyfriend (current hubby)

NOW: Gotta tell ya, I’m still crushing on my hubby. He shows me something a little different each day.

8) Which of your pets were still alive?

THEN: No pets.

NOW: Uh, nah. I don’t do pets. I like dogs and will kick it with other people’s dogs, but no pets for me

9) Who was your boyfriend/girlfriend?


NOW: that same dude, MJ

10) Who was your celebrity crush?

THEN: I can’t remember.

NOW: No real celeb crush, but I’d love to meet Prince and Denzel

11) How many piercings did you have?


NOW: 3

12) How many tattoos did you have?

THEN: None.

NOW: Still none. Doesn’t appeal to me

13) What was your favorite band/singer?

THEN: Wow, it would have to be the Fugees. “The Score” came out in February of 1996 and every party that spring was rockin’ Ready or Not and Fu-Gee-La. Damn I miss them. GET IT TOGETHER LAURYN!! WE MISS YOU!

NOW: I’ve always loved Ms. Mary J, but lately, I’m reintroducing myself to all her albums and LOVING HER EVEN MORE.

14) Had you smoked a cigarette?

THEN: As my girl Whitney would say, “H*ll to the Naw!” My asthmatic *ss would be laid up in the hospital somewhere

NOW: Same as above

15) Had you gotten drunk?

THEN: Uh, yeah, I was in college *lol*. With lots of white folks!

NOW: I may sip a drink if out with my girlfriends, but I haven’t been drunk in about 8 years

16) What kind of car did you drive?

THEN: *lmao* a navy blue, Suzuki station wagon that sounded like a big #ss lawn mower coming down the street

NOW: a VW Passat

17) Looking back, are you where you thought you would be in 2006?

Sort of.

I thought I’d be married to MJ – CHECK! Thought I’d have a child – UNCHECK!Thought I’d make more money – UNCHECK! Thought I’d have finished writing my first book – UNCHECK! So, my focus is to keep my marraige strong, keep pressing on in my career, have a baby and finish my book. 🙂


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